Music & The Soul

I love music!

We are privileged to have access to music in a second. It’s easy to get lost scrolling and adding music to your playlist via Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music. I remember when it was a major win if you were able to download six songs while you slept. You had to schedule your downloads from 10pm to 6am because no one should pick up the phone then.

Music is meant to cause you to feel something. The beat may move you to dance. The lyrics may move you to reflect on your past, present, or future. The style may move your imagination. And some music may move your soul.

I want to share a song called “As it is in Heaven” by Phil Wickham. This song moved my soul. The style is subtle, but powerful. The tone is engaging. But it’s the lyrics that have stuck with me.

Let my heart be a temple
Let that temple have a throne
Let the one who sits upon it
Be You and You alone

God has spoken in His Word, and music has the power to cause you to feel God’s Word.

Listen to the song.

Reflect on the lyrics.

Feel God’s Word.

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