Addicted beyond Rehabilitation.

I’m stuck like always, breathing becomes difficult again as memories rediscover themselves in the viewing portion of my mind…

Thoughts towards the subject hold great power things considered uncontrollable step aside and find your place because it sure does compare to the need desire or even the sensation of such-and-such.

Starving weeks without food in just one thought it no longer matters, as if you had just devoured a feast for six.

Broken face and fingers in one unorthodox bar brawl Pain raves through your mind Like no other and as you hear the melody of the voice you pray for you melt But recover yourself just as nothing had occurred and you wander in search to get your fill.

Deep confusion within your sleep unsure of Beauty or Nightmare all with in the Paradise you Cannot keep hold FEEL love…Love.

What was once so close, appears as a stranger.

Once was a look in the mirror now a Sand grain within the Desert.

As tear form in your mind Pain GrowS within you heart. As the urge rises in your soul Reality touches you with Truth.

And As The End Creeps Closer…

This Addiction is All you Got but for there be no remedy to help me.

The discovery of Perfection leading you down the road of sorrow Addiction and Misdirection.

BUT I Thought you Were my FAVORITE PART …

Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen
My name is Charles and I Am… (sighs) Addicted Beyond Rehabilitation