I’m here Doing great things great Charles things

But it isn’t quite Charles Things More Like things For Charles

Out of all these great things It IS JUST EXTREMELY lonely and that there kills me inside it is hard to Live with no friendly Visits as you get drunk no one is there shareing laughter at the crappie movie Or your horrible jokes…

When you got shopping no one needs you to get them anything they ask nothing of you… you shop for you and only you.

Holidays occur and you have no one to cater to it gets so boring and soul taking to be just alone

I HATE TO COMPLAIN BECAUSE I beyond my social failure I have no problem with keeping myself Sheltered, no trouble with The Law, just put my Vehicle back together so I’m not unable to escape it that…

Where do I Go I am alone in this world unlike ever before…

And on this road to success all I want are my friends but they are on their own with better friends. Not like I’m being replaced more like I shouldn’t had thought I had a spot to begin with.

There are these dreams of me alone daily weather I’m covered in blood Or dripping with tears I’m always Alone just As I see my greatness I feel nothing have nothing am nothing anymore.

And As I begin the count down until my last day I have no one to tell no one to enjoy the Last days no one to help me ease my way out just me


Now today here I am drink in my hand Solo knowing no matter how much I consume I won’t live Long enough to Experience Kinney Failure.

I see myself fade as the days pass.

While the surrounding eyes see me rising but I am only falling Deeper and Deeper into the Dungeon of my mind where I’m tortured by Loneliness. Kicked and Punished for my set my thoughts and myself.

As I dream of it all and wake up with nothing.

Lonely is not a Game.

Now me and my struggles will die unnoticed.

Maybe it is better this way less pain spread among those whom don’t deserve such Hurt.

Life without treatment, will he make it or will he crumble….

I’m at Death’s door like “Hello Can we be friends?”
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