Love me till it hurts

I don't care if the world ends

Don't give a fuck if I keep my fingers,legs, arms, or penis ..... Ummm well maybe my penis lol

But if you take my heart it ends it all ends I need her if she loves me the as she loves me the world doesn't end for me.

As long as these eyes still discover new parts of her beauty who needs fingers legs and arms right

I need her pain as I. Will give all my strength for her love.

I'lI cry oceans of tear to sail the gap between our love

I'll shave mountains of trouble away to climb to her voice

I'll swing through winds of truth to collect all of what we are even for just a day of love that will last forever

Just the scent of lenaj lakoob can freeze my pulse

And if we coyld be and co-exist I'd rebuild my journey in forever with of course C AND JAAY TOGETHER