Blog Entry: 11114;

{Failing/Passing} forward with new skills and ideas.

w_5D3/ trying to practice, practice & execute running javascript code is difficult. JS is like the computer language rosetta stone of our computer/internet/tech boom. So because of that I’ve been happy the past 5 weeks even though my accomplishments aren’t as pronounced as some others. And although I still haven’t added anything to my portfolio it’s allgood cause I know that if my effort matches my syllabus then I’ll be pushing out working code left and right within months/weeks.

The key for me in this immersive has been to stay patient and to focus my energy on effort.

New Concepts Still Learning:

1-Express framework with node.js
2- Using, writing & securing API’s
3- Using OAuth

And although their are still new challenges ahead and their are old projects still out standing, there have also been improvements already.

Some examples


Importing my gifs

So for now, i’ll keep working in this cycle of lectures, updating old assignments and asking help from others.