Are Arranged Marriages Still Relevant in the Present Social Media Generation

This is the generation where social media has taken everything by storm. It plays both negative and a positive role in the society. But whatever be it, the social media has become the backbone of everything, even marriages. In the current generation, people, specially youngsters, tend to be active on the social media and the reports go by saying that many people fall in and out of love through the same portal. Now, falling in love is easy. But is marriage that easy for the young generations to understand? Are arranged marriages relevant in the current generation where everything is so fast and everything is very much digitized, easy to operate and technologically apt?


We, at the matrimony have discussed how relevant and irrelevant it can be. So, below we have thrown light on both the sides of the same coin. It definitely depends on the backgrounds of the families in discussion and also depends a lot on the type of society they are surrounded with, and how much of support they get by their own people. All of it depends, but then we have shown our perception of arranged marriages and what relevance or irrelevance it can play-


We have come a long way through the taboos and castes and religions. And in the current generation, the bonding and the lifestyle has an upper hand over the caste systems. Arranged marriages definitely hold importance, even today, but then people in the current generation have become matured enough to choose a partner who fits in everything they’ve always wanted. In the social media era, we are well aware of the pros and cons of falling in and out of love, of marrying a wrong person and of standing against the rituals, cultures and religions. It has become more than just the astrology and the zodiacs.

Arranged marriages mean that the family makes the man and he woman to meet each other, looking after the backgrounds and the religions etc. The marriages usually are smooth, but the post marriage phase is little bit unsure and it depends on the two individuals. In the current generation, we do not know a person in and out until we have spent a lot of time with them. arranged marriages lack that.


Arranged marriages still happen, in a pretty large number. The reason being obvious that the families already take care of the backgrounds, the astrological aspects and the caste/religion based affairs too. So, there is absolutely nothing that the two-people getting married need to worry about, except the love and the bond between them and their future.

Also, in the case of love marriages, it is still a taboo that people fall out of love soon after they get married. And hence, if a problem or a crisis strikes the duo getting married, the families of the duo extend a minimal or negligible support. While in the case of arranged marriage, the families have a lot of support going in for the newlywed couple and this only acts as the cherry on the top.

But all said and done, it depends primly on the duo and the families and the societies involved.

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