Can Horoscope Matching Guarantee a Successful marriage

India is a land of traditions and culture. It is the birth place of the most ancient texts in the world, the Vedas, which basically outlined the way in which the society should work, as per those times. From the rituals followed at the time of birth, to the ones followed at death, all were defined as per the Vedas. Till date, we tend to follow these age old practices in every form of life, which were established by our ancestors. Marriage too, is no different. When we talk about horoscope matching in particular, we still follow the rules, which were set by these ancient texts. In every Hindu marriage across India, matching of the horoscopes of the boy and the girl is considered to be of primal importance.


However, the life style that persisted at that time is starkly different from the way we live now. Presently, we witness that the society has now split wide open when it comes to following age old practices. The same is applicable for matching of horoscopes as well. While one section of the society is still adamant on following this tradition, the other has termed it bogus. People now believe that it is the understanding between the two individuals that matters, not the matching of their stars.

The ones favoring kundali matching believe that matching horoscopes before getting married provides you a mental satisfaction that the marriage between two people of similar horoscopes will work. They believe that horoscope matching predicts the compatibility between the couple. As per them, while horoscopes are analyzed, special attention is also given on progeny matters, which can predict the future of the off-springs and future generations.

However, the ones who are against matching of horoscopes have solid reasons to back the same. They strongly believe that matching horoscopes cannot guarantee a successful marriage. There have been a lot of cases where despite matching horoscopes, the couples do not lead a peaceful and happy married life. Most marriages in India are still arranged, where matching of horoscopes is the first step taken before a marriage. However, we still witness divorce cases amongst so called “ideal kundali couples.” Rather, such cases are only on an increase these days.

What we need to understand is that it is the person who matters, not his stars. A good man with a bad kundali can prove to be an ideal life partner, rather than a bad man with a good kundali. Moreover, not everyone understands the science behind horoscope matching. A common man does not possess the knowledge of star reading. Hence, for matching of horoscopes, we ultimately approach a third party, like a pandit or online software. Hence, we can’t be sure whether the prediction made is true or false.

We humans are super beings, who have the power to decide and determine our future. We don’t need to rely on our stars to make things work for us. So for a happy marriage, we need to make sure that we understand our partner and provide them with love and comfort, rather than relying on our stars to perform a miracle for us.

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