Destination Christian Wedding On A Cash Crunch. Some Tips And Tricks

Financial turmoil or other hiccups are quite customary for any families. They might just happen out of nowhere. Any wedding needs a substantial amount of resources and planning. It’s the day two people and their families have been waiting for. A lot of dreams and desires go into the making of a dream wedding, a Christian wedding to be precise here, but if there’s cash crunch, you can’t put up with that. So, what do you do? Would do go back on that day’s pitch and select another day? No, there are various means and tips to make a successful and sweet wedding albeit financial constraints.


There are unprecedented events like accidents and attacks when guests cancel their tickets as they’re afraid of travelling. Vendors lower the rates since the party doesn’t back out on reservations. You can have your Christian Matrimony in some neat steps, many be not that extravagant as you had hoped for, but definitely beautiful. Here are some tips:

Looping your budget with the money at bank: you need to set your budget in compliance with the resources present in your bank account. It’s actually dangerous under any circumstance to go into debt for your wedding. For those who have INR 2, 00, 000 to spend, then plan a 2, 00, 000 wedding. If the parents are paying for the day and say that they’ve that cash, then plan accordingly. There’s no need to stretch your finances. Best case scenario will be spending much lesser than your budget.

Choose dresses wisely: While choosing bridesmaid dresses, you need to bear in mind that dresses cater to the wedding day, regardless of the number of times a bride convinces the bridesmaids otherwise. Propelling your bridesmaids to dish out huge amounts of cash on a dress and footwear that’ll be worn on one day might not be a feasible idea. Consider allowing them choose their stuff, or buy them some floor length apparels. You can also ask them to purchase coordinating tops for style they want.

Choosing utility services: When you hire the photographer, just work with someone who can shoot the wedding digitally. Christian Matrimony isn’t a multilayered setup that has a lot of avenues. It’s precise and sweet. You mustn’t end up paying for printing proofs. While picking groomsmen tuxedos, you can let them wear their own in case they’ve them. Compelling them to rent isn’t a viable idea.

Clearing things on venue: One thing you need to ensure is to ask the concerned wedding venue about their policy on musicians and flowers. Many churches necessitate parties leaving the altar flowers post the ceremony and then pay for the court musicians even if you have not used them. You need to sort it out as that could curb some serious expense.

Think beyond the box: Don’t stick yourself to the threadbare. You and your spouse are unique individuals and the wedding will reflect that. Just because everyone has or likes to have their wedding in a certain manner, it’s not imperative to follow that cliché.

Managing guest expectations is one thing, going overboard is another thing. Having seasonal and locally grown flowers will save a lot of money. These little tips will help you put together a short and sweet wedding in cash paucity.

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