Do the Online Patrika Matching Sites give Authentic Results

We live in the era of globalization and digitization. Laptops, palm tops, tabs, smart phones and smart televisions are becoming an integral part of our life with every passing second. A life without a good internet connection is beyond imagination. We live in an age where all aspects of our lives are touched with digitization in one way or the other. Marriage too is no exception. In this case, we the Indians are uniquely a class apart. While we lead the world when it comes to digitization, we still believe is following the age old customs and rituals when it comes to marriage. Rather, to give all such things a modern and convenient twist, we tend to develop sites and software, which help us access things beyond our knowledge in the comfort of our own homes. Online patrika matching sites are one such example. Off late, the trend of matching horoscopes on ready to use online sites has become very popular. All you need to do is give details in regard to the date, year and time of your birth and the software will do the rest. While it is convenient, it also comes free of cost, which makes it all the more user friendly. But the question which arises is that is there any proof that gives value to the authenticity of such sites? Can a computer site actually predict the future and compatibility between two people who are planning to get married? The answer is no. Following are the reasons due to which you cannot blindly believe on the predictions made by online patrika matching sites:

  1. Common portal for all: All people in this world are created different. From their mannerisms to habits, everything is different. Even twins born on the same date and time have certain distinctive features which make them different from each other. Then how is it possible to predict the future of two people on the basis of a common portal that is designed commonly for all? How can a machine determine the characteristics and chemistry that a couple will experience after marriage? Hence, the very basis of this concept does not hold strong ground.
  2. No in-depth study: Online sites use certain basic data which only tells the basic guna matching on the surface level. They cannot imbibe in them all the intricacies that are required when it comes to matching horoscopes properly. Only a learned astrologer can do that and make accurate predictions.
  3. No accountability: Since it is only an online portal, you cannot hold it accountable in case if the predictions made by it go wrong. There is no one to answer your queries and questions that you might have in your mind while getting the horoscope matched. Hence, matching horoscopes should be avoided.

No matter how convenient it may seem, the authenticity of patrika matching done on online cannot be trusted completely. So if you are really want to get your horoscope matched before taking the leap, it is better to put in some effort and trust a learned astrologer, rather than a programmed machine.

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