How to Break the News to Your Parents, If You Like a Boy

To find the right life partner is a tough task these days given the rate of divorces and break ups taking place but what is as difficult is to tell your parents about the boy you have chosen. So is there a right time or a right way of breaking the news to your folks? This news is sure to cause a mini earthquake in your otherwise peaceful household but there are ways to lower the intensity of the tremors. Let’s look at them.


Think it through- So you are in love and feel the butterflies in your tummy and want to go right away and get married to this boy. But just hold on, sit back and think it through. Marriage is a lifelong commitment and you need to know and feel a lot more than just puppy love for your partner. So ask yourself all the important questions like- do we see a future together? Are the families similar? Are we serious about this relationship to see it through marriage? If you get positive answers only then go ahead and tell the parents.

Sibling bond- The best way to break the news to the parents is to get your sibling to do the task for you, especially if you have an elder sibling. Usually, the elder ones are considered more sorted and sensible and if they tell the parents about your choice of boy, they would take it more seriously.

Make him a part of the conversation for a while- Its best to bring him in as a part of conversation when you are talking about your friends to your parents. Also, may be have him come home along with your other friends for a casual meal. This will help your parents know him better without knowing the fact that he is “the one”.

Time it right- When you finally decide on telling your parents about the boy you want to marry make sure that the general mood at home is good. Don’t go about breaking the news when your father has just returned from a long tour and is tired or your mother has just finished with all the household chores as the maid was on leave. You could do it over a meal while the family is at their favourite place for dinner.

Mom or dad- the lesser evil!- Decide who is the more patient one- mother or father and tell that parent first. Usually, girls would like to talk to their mothers about such issues as the emotional quotient is more with the mother and then you can leave to her to bell the cat (your father).

Be patient- Having told your parents about the boy you want to spend the rest of your life, there are bound to be a million questions. Be patient and answer them all. Give your parents some time to soak in the news as it is a big change for them too.

It’s important that you know that you are and will always be your parents little girl who they will want to protect all their lives so be patient if they get overtly inquisitive about the boy and his family. Don’t go on the warpath if they disagree with your decision. Make them see your point of view politely but firmly and in good time they will definitely come around. You can read up on other tips from varied matrimonial sites. They are sure to have loads of information.

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