How To Celebrate An Inter Caste Marriage?

With everyone become more forward-looking and global in their standpoint and outlook, and the world coming closer, the concept of communities, castes and even religion is fading. Well the fade out is slow but steady. The stringent rules pertaining to suitable marriages are also loosening up with each passing day. The best instance of this fast-growing pattern is the film industry. There is a cluster of celebrities going for inter-faith and inter-caste marriages.


With that being said, a marital knot means more than two persons being in love. In a country like India, it entails families, cultural beliefs, upbringing, viewpoints, and much more, which can either make or break an accord. Apart from these, you’ve people opting for this route who have their individual apprehensions as well. There are some simple ways to address the possible issues and cope with them.

On extreme reactions: The media keeps on harping about this aspect. Breaking all ties with the newlyweds or even disowning them is very common in households with staunch religious and cultural beliefs. On many occasions, some family members get offended and resort to certain extreme steps. The only options here are to let time pass for these families till they calm down. You can also take the help of a sensible, matured mediator for creating a talking ground between the families and couples.

Making things work well: It can be the biggest obstacle, especially in the inference of inter-religion marriages. Cultural clashes and tensions can get stifling. Trying to understand the feelings and temperament of the new family members and trying to opening up and communicating about general stuff holds the key. Eventually, you might find common subjects of liking and interest that give more reasons to mingle and talk. Community Matrimonys crux is that it eventually eases the tension.

Cordiality is important: If communication doesn’t work, it’s best to maintain a cordial and polite relation with them. If your situation gets too stressful or indulgent, you can simply talk to them about the issue and let them how you find it or feel in a polite manner. You must remember that a composed and calm person in the extended family can always be sought for help.

Adjusting with new religious rituals: This is a common issue with arranged marriages as well. So, for those going for inter-caste ones, you don’t need to worry about it taking a serious turn. Here, girls have to face most of the problem as all human insecurities and complexes, wrought with frenzy and vested motives are focused at women.

Being open to new things: You need to take one thing at a time very openly. Knowing about new things before adapting to the sea-change isn’t that easy at all. It’s the best strategy. In this way, you can take actions in your part and enjoy the experience.

Ideally, all issues necessitate a good amount of discussion before you make the big commitment. Next comes your action part. You need to ensure that your partner gives you that space as well. That’s the true meaning of Community Matrimony.

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