How to Organise a Perfect Haldi?

Hindu nuptials comprise of several propitious pre-wedding rituals that are a sight to behold. Sangeet and Mehendi are some of the vibrant and exhilarating festivities that revivify the spirits completely. Another sacred ritual where both the bride and groom participate is the Haldi ceremony. Let’s find out more about it.

Significance of the rituals

Haldi function is held a day before the actual matrimony. It is said to be a purifying and cleansing ritual that is held at the restive residences of the bride and groom. Families, close relatives and friends of the to-be-wedded couple congregate at the bride’s place for performing this auspicious ritual. Different regions in India have varied methods and rituals for celebrating this sacred event. Prime significance of this ritual is to add beauty and glow to the bride and groom’s complexion. Relatives and friends add a unique twist to this ceremony by organizing entertaining performances.

Haldi Ceremony(PC:

The right ingredients

The Haldi ceremony will be incomplete if you do not procure appropriate ingredients and elements for the “haldi ubtan”. This “ubtan” is essentially an amalgamation of different constituents which help in bringing a natural glow to the couple’s complexion. This skin rejuvenation peel is applied to their arms, legs and face that enhances their beauty. For creating this smooth paste or concoction, you need –

• Haldi or turmeric

• Besan or chickpea flour

• Sandalwood powder

• Few saffron threads

• One tablespoon of fresh cream or milk

• Plain water or rosewater

• Mango leaves for applying this mixture

Making necessary arrangements

It is essential to keep a substantial amount of this mixture ready for the convenience of guests and family members. Keeping enough water, mustard oil, mango leaves and other ingredients handy is essential. Also, arrange for stools for the groom and bride to sit. You should also choose a good venue for this function though many a times the bride and the groom has it at their respective homes. It would be better to arrange this sacred yet enjoyable event at spacious, outdoor location, outside your house.

Certain essential factors

While you are basking in the elation of this pre-wedding ritual, bear in mind that haldi can be a strong color. A wise option would be to wear light, casual yet traditional clothes. Donning heavy, expensive, festive garb for this occasion will certainly ruin your outfits. Certain important rituals take place before application of the ubtan. After performing the puja, five suvasini dip mango leaves in the ‘haldiubtan” and apply it to the couple. This process is done three times where the to-be-wedded couple must seek blessings of their elders before the matrimony.

The entertainment quotient

No pre-wedding ceremony is complete without some fun and frolic. Arranging for a professional dholki player is important who will liven up the function with cadenced beats. Relatives and friends can perform a dance routine on a medley of popular songs. Performing traditional dance and song routines by suvasini bring warming touch to the ceremonies.