How to Plan a Fusion Wedding within a Budget

Fusion weddings are fun in the generation where everything has become westernized and inter-mingled. But, fusion weddings can cost a bomb and can be overtly expensive if not planned properly. Weddings and their budgets always exceed the limit to what the wedding was planned, initially. But fusion weddings so far have always cost a pretty good fortune only because the families hadn’t planned it all well. Fusion weddings are different from the custom weddings because there is mix and match of two different cultures and religions and many mire things, and hence it requires a certain planning in the proper direction. Only then the fusion wedding can win hearts without costing you a bomb, altogether.


Now, it isn’t rocket science as to how to plan a fusion wedding within a budget. First of all, it requires a detailed knowledge as to what the cultures/religions/castes are all about. Only then the wedding can be on point.

Here are some ideas as to how you can have a creatively exaggerating wedding that would still be under your limit of spending-

  1. List out the major attractions of the wedding- Prior to anything, first list down all the major attractions you would want in your wedding. It would definitely depend on the cultures in discussion. Every bride and bridegroom would have different ambits as to what he or she has always dreamt of having. After you are done with this, figure out the extent of your budget, enquire how much your list would cost and accordingly cut down the things that would stand at the most expensive and least pleasurable ones.
  2. The guest list also plays a role. There are marriages that were so on point that made everyone go envious, and had a limited list of guests. And then there were weddings when the entire city was invited and yet the wedding lacked on various points. So, it obviously would be recommended by the matrimony that you have particular and specific list of guests that you would want, and only they would come and attend the wedding. It even cuts down the level of headache and management.
  3. The food- Fusion weddings have a lot of things going in favour of them, in terms of the food. They can actually cut short the money wasted. Food is usually wasted in a pretty huge amount during weddings and hence, keeping the menu short yet content is the must have target for the families. Rather than wasting food and money, the food can be content enough for the invited guests.
  4. The floral arrangement and decoration- We all love floral decoration that is done during the weddings. But honestly, the real flowers only cost a bomb when taken in huge quantities and result in getting rotten and all within a short period of time. Due to the guests constantly coming in contact with the flowers and due to the heat too, the flowers die out easily and compel the organizer to change the flowers again and again. Hence, plan out on the decoration as well. The minimum, the best and elegant.

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