Jewelry Essentials for Muslim Working Women After Marriage

The moment we mention the word, “Bride”, we envision a beautiful young girl, dressed in heavy attire, covered in jewelry from head to toe. When it comes to having gold and jewelry, it becomes a matter of pride for every family. The wealth, prosperity and standing of a family is generally measured in terms of jewelry sets that are presented to the girl on her marriage. This especially holds true in case of Indian weddings. Even alliances made through Muslim matrimony are no exception. However, along with times, priorities have changed as well. Long gone are the days when girls use to only sit home and manage household chores. The Muslim brides of today are perfect in handling work and home side by side. Since most women prefer to continue with their professional life even after getting married, it becomes important for them to dress as per prescribed codes in the offices. However, in case of a Muslim bride, it is her jewellery that symbolizes that she is now a married woman. At the same time, she cannot go to office wearing heavy traditional sets. So is there any possible way in which she can wear her jewellery, and not end up looking blingy or over-done during office hours? Well, we have here a list of jewellery essentials that a newlywed Muslim girl must have and wear for her office:

  1. Sleek gold chain: A good necklace is a must have for every Muslim bride. However, since it is not possible to wear a heavy traditional one to work every morning, a sleek gold chain comes as an apt substitute. A tiny crystal or diamond pendant will add more charm to the same. A must have for office wear.
  2. A Pearl String: A nice white pearl string is a must have for newlywed Muslim girls. This ornament goes perfectly well with traditional as well as western formal wear. It definitely adds class to whatever you are wearing during that so- important presentation.
  3. Thin Gold bangles: Wearing bangles is considered auspicious for newlywed girls. However, it is not possible to wear tonnes of bangles to office. Not only do they look odd, but even make working a little cumbersome. As an alternative, you can go in for a sleek gold bangle or kada which you can wear easily to office. That way, the tradition would be broken and you can work comfortably.
  4. Bracelet: If wearing bangles is not your thing, then bracelets provide a good option. Go in for sleek platinum or diamond bracelets, which look good with formal wear, be it Indian or western.
  5. Anklet: Many traditional Muslim families believe that newlywed brides should wear payal as it brings good luck. However, jingling around the office wearing a payal might come as a big no-no . It might even be against the official dress code. In such a case, opt and go in for sleek silver strings or anklets. They come with either single and small ghungroos, or no bells at all. This way, you can make the tradition and official code go hand in hand.

Make sure to have these essentials in your wardrobe and you are set to have a perfect day! All the best!

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