Keeping outsiders at bay during wedding celebrations

The great grant Indian Shadi is not only a grand celebration of two souls coming together in holy matrimony, but it is also a time to celebrate togetherness and family values. It is a week long celebration dotted by many events, in which our long lost friends and dear ones take time out of their busy schedules to come and bless the newly-wed couple. Hence, it is obviously a huge gathering of people with the hosts somewhere losing track of all the ones attending. Unfortunately, there are time when some outsiders tend to take undue advantage of such situations and enter the wedding venues. Though such situations are described in a funny way in films like 3 Idiots, there are times when such strangers in a wedding celebration can create an un-necessary havoc at the functions. There have been times in recent past when outsiders at wedding venues involved in disturbing practices like eve-teasing, hence spoiling the whole festive atmosphere. If not, then the arrival of such outsiders can certainly cost the financially, as they come and feel free to feast on the food and drinks! So, it becomes imperative and necessary for the hosts to keep such troublemakers at bay. Here, we have some tips for you to do the same:

  1. Prepare a guest list: Make sure to prepare a guest list when you are giving the invitation before the wedding. Keep this guest list handy during the wedding celebration function. This will help you keep track of the people you have invited and you will have a precise count with yourself.
  2. Identify the guests at the entry itself: Once the baraat arrives, the parents of both the bride and groom should make it a point to stand on the welcome gate for some time. This helps in identifying guests from both sides by the hosts, hence keeping the outsiders at bay.
  3. Request close relative to man the entrance at different times: Now, it is not possible for the parents and immediate hosts to keep standing at the entrance for the whole function. Hence, request close relatives, who know other invitees as well, to keep an eye on the entrance from time to time at different slots.
  4. Have live screens installed throughout the venue: In this age on technology, it is easier to keep an eye at all places throughout the event. For the same, have live screens installed throughout the venue, where the entrance point is flashed from time to time.
  5. Request the guests to carry their invitation cards: Though this may feel a far fetched thought in case of wedding functions, still try and request your guests to carry their invitations along when they come to attend the wedding. This is a sure shot way to make sure that no outsider enters the wedding venue.

Keep these given tips in mind as they will help you in a great extent to keep un-wanted visitors at bay during the wedding function. Enjoy the celebrations!

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