Kundali Matching not Needed in Love Marriages

Very often our society and our lives are bound by age old customs and traditions which initially were formulated to make our life simpler and make our daily routines and important moments more organized in order for us to lead a happy life. Many of these customs when introduced into the society by learned men in the ancient past were relevant and would often be the reflection of what the society structure was at that time. But with time, some of these customs need to be re-examined and further changed for the tradition to still remain relevant in the modern changing times.

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One such custom of kundali matching when introduced into the society was a reflection of how match making used to be done in the past. The parents of the boy and the girl would meet up and the couple would be lucky to catch a glimpse of each other before marriage and then be expected to lead a happy and fulfilling married life. So in order to determine whether the couples are compatible with each other the kundali was used as an aid to help people understand what kind of a person the prospective bride or groom were.

But with time the society and our lives have seen changes that have occurred very rapidly. With the exposure levels and also the broad mindedness of people on the rise the mere prospect of getting married to someone whom you haven’t even seen, let alone met or interacted with is hard to fathom for our young generation. With the concept of love marriages on the rise, where the girl and the boy know each other from a long time and end up making the crucial decision of whether they want to take the plunge rather than their parents making this life changing decision for them. This leaves little or no scope for the age old tradition of kundali matching in the scenario. An art which was supposed to be an aid to determine suitability of the prospective bride and groom has now been replaced with the persons own mind and will to determine if the girl or boy he wants to take the plunge with is suitable for him and more importantly whether they are compatible enough to lead a normal loving life.

Another important aspect which goes to show that kundali matching is not needed in love marriages is the fact that unlike arranged marriages where the couple tend to blame their match makers or kundali if the marriage doesn’t succeed. In love marriages the couple tends to be holding a favorable and loving attitude towards each other because they are aware that the boy or the girl that they have chosen to lead their lives with is a choice which they have made after due deliberation and not some random guy or girl whom they barely knew before getting married.

Like every custom and tradition the art of kundli matching has also been now pushed to the sidelines with the concept of love marriages on the rise and the young and free minds of modern times ready to make their life decisions based on their mental aptitude rather than trust some piece of paper to decide their future.

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