Online Dating — A Boon or Bane?

Dating, has over the ages, become a institutionalized method in India for young men and women to connect with each other for fun as well as to find a lifetime mate. Dating is widely prevalent amongst the college going and young working gentry of the nation. Dating gives young people the chance to know interact with the other sex. India has today transited from the old days when our parents and grand — parents looked for and found a suitable match for their children, to an India where young people want to date and get to know their to-be life partner even better.

With time and the informational boom, everything has gone digital and so has dating. Today, online dating is the usual route for couples to look for and to find their partners. You can get a lot of information on it from any of the online dating site. Though online dating has made it easier to find like minded people but it does have some downfalls. Lets find out more!

Reservoir of Data- The amount of data of people available on the net and the ability to dip into this information reservoir is a big positive. It gives increased options to users in a ready format as people search for specifics. You can find more people through this medium, than one would in normal day to day life.

Ease Of Use- Online dating allows people to search a larger data base with ease. It puts one in touch with a number of other people without taking the trouble to move out of the comfort of the home or office.

Ease of Initiating Contact- The ease with which one can initiate contact makes the first step of dating easier. It gives one the ability to edit, re-work and ease into the whole business.

Learning a Lot of People- One learns a lot from people even on the online medium. And it helps puts the complete perspective of dating in focus.

Loss of Human touch- The whole idea of dating loses its personal touch in the online domain. Until one starts meeting people there is no actual connect between the two individuals. It doesn’t involve meeting another person, or going through the set of emotions one normally would. This can reduce the fun of dating and also of the attempt to know a person better.

Fraudulent Activities- There is a lot of fraud being committed on the online platform with many people posing as impostors only to extract money, emotionally blackmail people. One needs to be very vigilant about these things.

Overload of Information- The internet offers an overload of information. The dating sites also have thousands of people on it that choosing the best out of the lot becomes a daunting task. Many a times you miss out on someone good.

Overall, the verdict is still out on online Dating and its effectiveness. It definitely is a boon in this age and day of GenX, but it could also be the death of dating in its true form.

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