Roman Catholic Wedding Arranged With Least Amount Of Cash

Marriages are made in heaven. It’s a done and dealt with thing, you might say. But yes, you need to pay for the arrangements and it’s to be made right here. It might be a heavenly or pre-destined prod from the above, but you need to carry it from earth. Saris, suits, beauty regimen, jewelry, feats, sweets, you just name it. There’s no denying that weddings are the easiest and quickest route to spend of cash, and Christian Matrimony is no alien to this fact.


But, when you’re on cash crunch or there is a downside in the economy, or there’s a financial hurdle, you need to cut down on a plethora of expenses.

Avoid booking on a Sunday or evening or Friday night: These can form big part of your savings. Saturday night costs are hefty because the next day is Sunday. You can consider a wedding on Thursday night, which can shave 10%-20% approximately off the budget. You can and your guests will also get to enjoy an extended weekend of three days. You just need to ensure that you roll and save the dates first.

Musings on Sunday mornings: Christian wedding has special affiliation with Sundays like Christians. Roman Catholics are one of the strictest and often said to be puritanical in their outlook. But, that’s a very far-fetched thought in today’s world. Sunday mornings are becoming extremely popular because you’ve the scope of getting a terrific brunch with a sprawling spread. It costs about 30%-35% less than a dinner. Ask this to experts from event design and off-premise catering companies. They’d tell the same.

The price ratio: Rates are much lower in the December-March phase. Sum it up and you’ll find that it adds up to 40$-50$ less per guest. When looking for your venue, you need to always ask about all the special events that are planned for the occasion or space both before and after the ceremony. More often than not, you’ll see that equipment, which draping, staging and lighting being used in the loop have the potential to share the cost factor. This cost of equipment for both events is a crucial aspect. You need to ensure that it comprises similar requisites.

Flowers and décor: Well, that’s the main domain. There are other sub-heads. Christian Matrimony is incomplete without the abundance of flowers and floral spreads. But that doesn’t mean you’ll end up spending like a charbak. Putting your money where the guests spend time and appreciate being is the wisest thing to do.

The right things at the right place: If you don’t have a sit-down dinner, you shouldn’t use the flower budget on costly table centerpieces. For those having a cocktail reception and if everyone is lined up right at the bar, you can have the designer create an awesome floral piece in that particular area. Guests can then enjoy it throughout the night.

You can also concentrate on the décor in a select area rather than spreading it all around the hall. That’d easily save at least 20% of the décor budget.

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