Secrets To a Successful Second Marriage

Second marriage is a practice which is finding more acceptance in the Indian society with every passing minute and day. Long gone are the times when the one’s with a troubled first marriage were considered taboo and ostracized from the society. People who have already been through a hellish situation have all the right to have a second chance at their lives and make it all better. Moreover, we often come across couples who are happily married and settled the second time around. There is no doubt that with the situations that a person faces in his first marriage, he or she becomes more experienced, wise and mature at handling relations. Despite all this, there may be times when initial adjustment in case of second marriages becomes a little awkward, if not tough. So here we have certain secrets that one must follow, to have a happy and successful second marriage:
  1. Shed your insecurities: It is very understandable that because of your first experience, there might be much insecurity that haunts your mind during the initial phase of your second marriage. It is better to let go of all such feelings and embrace your new relationship as a new beginning in life.
  2. Give and take time to adjust: A second marriage is a huge step for both you as well as your partner. So take your own time and give him time to adjust to this whole new phase of life. Become friends first, and understand each other well. This will surely help in creating a strong bond between you both.
  3. Never compare: Never ever compare your second marriage to your fist one. Always remember that this is a new start, which should not be compared to your old and un-pleasant experiences.
  4. Talk it out: If there are any inhibitions that you have in context of your new marriage, be bold enough to talk it out with your partner. Such open-ended dialogues will surely help in building your relationship with your partner.
  5. Relaxed environment: Keep the environment at home relaxed. Keep calm and help yourself and your partner to adjust to this new phase.
  6. Don’t have many expectations: It is better not to have too many expectations from your partner in the beginning. He or she will slowly get to know you better and will himself work on being a perfect partner for you as time passes.
  7. Prioritize your marriage: It is very important in case of second marriages to prioritize your marriage. Learn to enjoy as a couple, rather than giving importance to what others might think about you.
  8. Have patience and maturity: Patience and maturity are the key element for the success of any marriage. Be patient with your partner and avoid giving time periods. Also, make sure to arise certain situations with maturity, rather than rushing to conclusions.

Second marriages can be beautiful as well as tricky, all at the same time. So make sure to handle it with care. All the best!

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