Shopping Tips for a Keralite Wedding

An Indian wedding is an extravagant show of glamour and fashion. In any Indian wedding, after the lavish food in a wedding — the fashion quotient is the most eyed-upon affair right from the dress material of the bride and the groom to the jewellery and other accessories sported. Hence, shopping for the best outfits, jewellery and accessories is a serious concern for everyone involved in the wedding.

Be it the kaliras for a Punjabi wedding or chudas for a Rajasthani wedding or a dazzling sherwani for the groom, one needs to be extremely particular when shopping for the wedding. For a little mistake might ruin your entire plan of a magnificent wedding.

Wedding shopping is a huge task, irrespective of the region — Be it a north-Indian wedding or a south-Indian wedding, it needs extensive planning.

In the southern region of the country, in the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka — Wedding is altogether a combination of traditional rituals and modern outlook. If you are finding it difficult to plan out everything on your own for the big day then you can go ahead hiring wedding planners and sort out the nitty-gritty’s for the final day. Never forget that decoration of the wedding venue, gifts for the guests and invitees are an equally essential part just as the wedding attire of the bride and the bride-groom.

For example, when it comes to deciding the venue decoration details — You are quite sure of your selections right from the kalyan mandap set-up to the flowers, sparklers, lights and every other essential décor material.

Coming to the gifts for the guests, invitees and relatives — You need to personally select presents for each. Since they are your wedding guests you would have a fair idea of their likes and dislikes also. It would be more delightful if you can hand-out bespoke gifts to them as that makes the moment memorable. In fact you can turn your wedding venue into a customized studio — Reflecting memories of the blessed couple with their family and friends. For all this, you need to shop months in advance.

When it comes to a Keralite wedding, the saree of the bride plays the most important part — Keralites are known for their beautiful golden bordered-pure white sarees emanating sanctity and charm of the bride. Next big thing for a Keralite bride is the jewellery. In typical Kerala wedding, the bride is ornamented with golden jewellery from head to toe. However, the bride is still an epitome of simplicity and dignity. Ensure that the saree and the accessories are not very loud or blingy.

The same goes for the bride-groom. A Keralite bridegroom is adorned in a simple dhoti made of pulimoottil silks. Mostly the bride groom too wears white, but one can give a subtle twist keeping in sync with the bride’s attire.

Keep these simple shopping tips in mind while shopping for your big fat Kerala matrimonial ceremony. It will make it easier to plan and execute the wedding and will make your special day, one to cherish for times to come.