Some Make Up Mistakes a Bride can Avoid

Bride has to look very good on the wedding day and so often in pressure she might just do something over or something that might not suit her. When the wedding date is fixed, the bride has to book appointment for the best bridal makeup artist and mehandi artist. This is because, the bride is supposed to look best of all at the community matrimony.


How to plan the look for the bride?

There are a few makeup mistakes that the bride can make when she has to get ready for the main day. But with due care such mistakes can be avoided. In most of the cases, the bride will give the task of making her ready to the best beautician only. But by any chance if she is doing things on own then too these important makeup tips are to be kept in mind. A few blunders can cost you a lot on your main day. So, here are the makeup mistakes you should avoid.

  • When you are applying the makeup, make sure that you moisturize your face first. This is because a dry face would look very bad and when you apply the makeup on dry face it looks like a weak paint. Rather moisturize the face pretty well and then apply the makeup.
  • Your beautician may think that you need long lasting makeup which can last for the whole day and so she might apply too much of foundation. Just avoid this. Apply lighter layer of foundation and that too on a well moisturized face and neck. Keep the shade same at face and neck.
  • The bride should wear the eye makeup that looks natural in color. Using the funky colors like pink and blue would not be suitable for the subtle event like wedding.
  • Before you try the lipstick shades make sure that you have already tried them. There are a few colors which will never suit you. So, make sure that you avoid using such colors.
  • You are a bride and not a model. So, avoid using glitter. Generally, the bridal makeup doesn’t have shimmery eyes and shiny lips. It has to be matte.

With the above makeup tips you should be able to wear a beautiful makeup on amazing face. So, just stay away from a few makeup blunders which will make you look bit over. Wedding is something where the bride has to look her best. In fact, she should take a trial with the makeup artist and find out as to what stuff is suitable to her. When she finds out these things, she will be in the position to know that whether the look that she wants to portray is suitable for community matrimony or not.

Apart from the makeup, the bride also needs to wear apt dress that will make her look awesome. These things should be planned in advance. Anything that is done at the last moment might be done hurriedly and so avoid such last moment stuff.