Something Couples Set to Marry can Do to Break the Ice

Marriage itself is a very intimidating word. And when you add the word “arranged” to it, it becomes all the more scary. In an Indian setup, where arranged marriages are a norm, the couple is bound to get jitters in regard to their life ahead. A matrimonial alliance, where you know nothing about the person whom you are about to marry, can make anyone nervous. Moreover, as per Indian society, it is not just two people, but two set of families, who come together for the rest of their lives. Hence, it becomes imperative for the couple involved to know each other well before they get married. Though phone calls are a source, there is nothing that matches face to face rendezvous when it comes to knowing each other better and breaking the ice. So here we have certain tips for would be couples, on how to get to know each other well before getting married:


· Spend some alone time together: Plan lunch and dinner dates together, where there are just the two of you. Make sure not to take any family member or friend along. This will give you an open and informal space to talk your hearts out and know each other well.

· Make spontaneous plans: Make spontaneous plans and take your fiancée out for a movie or picnic. This will strengthen her love and trust in you.

· Discuss your likes and dislikes: Break the ice by starting conversations based on the likes and dislikes of your fiancée and yourself. This will serve as a great platform for you to know more about each other. Moreover, such discussions will come handy in future when you want to buy a gift for your loved one.

· Plan family get together: Family pot lucks and get together are a great way for families to know each other better. Always keep in mind the fact that it is not only you two, but your family members as well who will spend the rest of their life closely associated to each other.

· Do fun activities together: With your job schedules and all the wedding preparations, it becomes somewhat impossible to meet each other. So try meeting and doing fun things together like going for a morning walk, yoga classes, or hitting the gym. This way, you will be able to do your routine work and get quality time together as well.

· Write love letters and cards: Though it might sound a bit too clichéd, but this age old formula always works wonders. Write to each other as often as possible. This way, you can even express feelings that you are hesitant in voicing out when you are meeting face to face. Moreover, these letters and cards will be cherished by your fiancée throughout his or her life.

Follow the given tips and you are sure to make a congenial atmosphere before taking the big leap. It is always better to know someone first than regret later. Here’s wishing you all the best!