Why one can safely disregard Kundali matching in this new age

Indian marriages are all about love laughter and enjoyment. Hordes of people, some known some unknown getting together to celebrate this bond of lifelong association. But the events leading up to the actual day of the marriage can be filled with lot of tension, anxiety and in some cases a lot of negativity also. The biggest contributing factor in all this is the first step itself, kundali milan. In most Indian homes this ancient practice of kundali matching is done in which the kundali reader tries to decipher the complex alignment of planetary alignments and the position of stars to accurately assess what the future holds for the couple.

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Kundali matching although ancient and widely practiced has never been elevated to the rank of a science and there are good reasons for it as well. Many a couple have seen their relation being held hostage and ultimately killed by this kundali matching which inevitably tends to bring sorrow and negativity for both side in a time that is meant to be the happiest time for a couple. But even though most people still tend to follow this practice, we ask this important question as to whether kundali matching can be disregarded in today’s new age or is it still not the time for the society to bid adieu to its favorite tool for looking into the future. The answer is a big yes to the fact that kundali matching can be safely disregarded in today’s new age and here some of the reasons why:

1. Greater interaction- kundali matching was used in olden times because the girl and the boy did not have opportunities to meet each other and asses each other in terms of compatibility. But with changing times the girl and the boy seem to enjoy greater level of freedom to interact with each other before marriage and decide for themselves whether the other person is suitable for them and also mutually agree on the compatibility issues.

2. Lack of accurate kundali readers- with every temple pandit turning into a kundali reader the authenticity and the accuracy of kundali reading has been greatly reduced. The pundits are basically interested in making a quick buck by introducing unnecessary complications in the kundali and then ask for money to carry out puja to get rid of those problems, but what it actually does is that it sows the seeds of doubt in the couple’s minds about each other.

3. Modern mindsets- the young and vibrant minds of this age tend to loath the idea of planetary movements and alignments along with a self-obsessed pandit will decide what the future holds for them. The mindset to make things right by interaction, adjustment and understanding seems to prevail greatly amongst the young generation and that is what drives them to being part of a successful and happy married couple.

It is clear that kundali matching is no longer relevant in today’s times and the society as a whole needs to get rid of this practice in order for the society to progress and achieve better atmosphere.

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