Why The Concept Of Low-Cost Marriages Doesn’t Work In India

Indian marriages create opportunities for parents to spend money whether it is the attire of the bride and groom, decoration in the venue, selecting the themes or the jewelry. However, parents can still stick to their budget even after spending money on these but the concept of low-cost marriage does not work In the Indian context primarily due to the mindset of the people. Most of the parents love envisaging that finding a partner for marriage is one of the most important things in the lives of their daughters. On the one hand, it is the pressure of the society and on the other, it is the Bewindvoering wishes of the parents that lead to this situation.

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Spreading bad words: Although there is no rule of thumb which states that you have to spend a lot of money in particularly in the marriage of their daughters, parents think that people will spread bad words about their children and about the parents as well for not taking proper decisions. Even the most unwilling parents are bound to spend money owing to the pressure of being bad-mouthed.

Treating the bride well: According to the customs and rituals of the Indian society, the chances of getting good treatment in the household increase in leaps and bounds when the father of the bride spends a lot of money in the marriage and intends to shower gifts of the groom. In Indian Shadi, money and gifts play an important role which makes it impossible for the parents to make marriages a low-cost affair.

Lack of education: While the upper classes of the society possess dreams about making the wedding of their children a grandeur, the culture has now spread to different parts of the society and those people that cannot afford to spend so much in the wedding of their children cannot give up everything to spend money in the occasion of the marriage of their children.

Knowledge is the key: A lot of people have pre-conceived notions about marriage and Shadi in the Indian community signifies lavish spending more than anything else. Moreover, many parents do not have enough knowledge of the ways in which the cost of the wedding can be kept low.

Following a budget: Although a lot of people prepare a budget for the wedding, they do not follow the plans diligently which makes it difficult for them to manage the cost towards the end. No matter what your plans are or the ways in which you intend to move, it is all about applying the right techniques at the right time which makes a marriage within the budget.

Influence is dangerous: When it comes to Indian marriages, people tend to become influenced by others. To stick to your budget, you have to focus on your decisions rather than think what other people have dome to make wedding a more lavish affair which is filled with pomp.

Spending a lot of money in the wedding of children is a matter of pride for many people in India and this is one of the major reasons for which parents find it difficult to curb the cost. However, following a budget and proper planning can create a gateway for reducing the cost in wedding ceremonies.

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