This is perhaps the most embattled president in history and you’re making him out as if he’s freely…
Parker O'Brien

Hey Parker, appreciate your taking the time to respond.

Sorry I wasn’t able to articulate myself well enough.

I was talking about a psychology in the american mindset. Something I believe has its roots in slavery.

My point about slavery was not that it still exists, but that the centuries of habitual mindset that developed around it are imbedded in us and have created a disconnect.

My whole point is that this mindset is so deep in us that it transcends region or party; I’m in no way suggesting it is a southern thing or even simply a race thing (meaning that the mindset will seek to define a new group, even outside of race, to maintain itself).

When I mention ‘poisoning our children’ I’m not talking about anything that has to do with political sides (not sure where you got that), I’m talking about Flint and Monsanto and the fact that we are allowing pesticides and toxins into our water and food supply and that seems an odd thing for a people to do, because it hurts us all. So I wonder why we would do that, and it seems to me if we do, we must have some sense that it’s happening to someone else and not us. And that would only be ok if we had a deep view that those other people were very different than us.

Your politically myopic view of american history and migration is odd to me. If you think post slavery emigration from the South had to do simply with the political party in generally in charge, well, that’s discounting quite a lot. It seems to me you’re trying to apply a political lens to a non-political equation.

I tend to make think people are more apt to be moving north or south for personal reasons, not based on whose in office. But that’s just my take.

Fair point on guns, I spoke to generally. That’s my bad. My concern is not simply homicides, but gun deaths. And particularly mass shootings, which have steadily increased in america over the decades (and I am not suggesting the cause of that is guns, I’m suggesting that whatever the cause is to push people over that edge, the availability of guns creates an access point to a mass violence that is new and growing in america and again, that seems an odd thing to be ok with not addressing.)

As far as Trump, I’ve learned that no amount of citations, facts, or substantive arguments sways a Trump supporter. He was right when he said he could shoot someone on 5th ave and his supporters would still back him. And that is precisely the mindset I’m talking about.

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