5 Best Mini table lamp in 2021

4 min readMar 18, 2021


A home has a chandelier or wall lamp, but also need a mini table lamp. Modern homes pay attention to style and decoration, and the table lamp plays an important part in the house. A reasonable size and simple table lamp can make your home be perfect.
Mini metal table lamp will make you have a comfortable and exquisite life in a happy rhythm, and get a different kind of freedom. I would like to introduced some mini metal table lamps as follows:

  1. Melt table light replica

Would you like to chose a cool lamp to decorate your interior? Hey, here a special mini table lamp with unique design is introduced to you. As you can see, this melt light replica has a beautifully distorted light bulb that creates an enchanting melting hot-blown glass effect. Melt lampa kopia also looks like a glass candy with shocking volcanic colors.

This crushing color gives people a shocking vision at first sight. Translucent when on and mirror finish when off, it emits an attractive, slightly hallucinogenic light. Melt table lamp tom dixom is suitable for living rooms, book rooms and bedrooms. What a mysterious tom dixon melt table lamp replica !

2. Minos table lamp

Have you ever seen a table light with the adorable appearance? Minos table lamp will give you a different style feeling. Hey, look at its total shape which it looks like a cartoon character of Mickey Mouse. It special and unique appearance attracted many ladies and children. Minos table light is an idea for living room, bedroom, book room and children room. When you turn on this light, it will rouse your childlike innocence.
What a lovely mini table lamp which is a composite of various elements from the 1970s to the present day. Uniform green-beige terrazzo, dark green upholstered lampshade create this playful adult table lamp.

3. Dali Divina Desk Lamp

Do you have a cat in your home? Here is a beautiful mini metal table lamp with a appearance of kitty that introduced to you. This table lamp is a perfectly balanced piece consisting of a pyramidal base topped by an elegant dome-shaped shade.
Rich colors in pink, matt blue and glossy black that you can choose. The simple appearance, light weight, easy-install and simple combination is an ideal choice for living room, bedroom, book room and so on. Dali divina table lamp can make your ordinary space fulling of artistic and vivid sense feeling. This little cute kitty lamp will give you another kind of new feeling.

4. Hanna table lamp

The hanna table lamp casts a classic dome shape in warm light and is an exclusive design by Mermelada Estudio. This hanna table light is combined with the simple geometric splicing which it creates a personality and a sense of modern style.
Table hanna is an ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, book rooms or office. The colors of lampshade which shows a sense of retro and classic. If you use this hanna table lamp to decorate your interior, it would be a sensible choice. Opaque shade is attached to the iron pole with a single decorative screw. You can easy to clean and install it with a convenient human design.

5. Concrete Cylinder Table Lamp

Concrete cylinder table lamp has a classic black lampshade which shows a luxurious look. The most important thing that the 59-inch clear cord provides plenty of length to place the lamp in your living room or bedroom for extra light. Besides, concrete cylinder lamp has a durable function and high-quality. It’ s really excites me!
This LED desk lamp has energy saving, low power consumption and not glaring light, so your eyes will not get tired. This modern and simple design is perfect for office, living room, book room and bedroom. Concrete cylinder table lamp could create a sense of solemn but not lack of elegant feeling.

Above is the display of the lighting products.

The mini table light give you an exquisite life and decorate your home.