Modern Ball Hanging Lamp Replica

5 min readMar 11, 2021

Simplicity is a kind of beauty. An exquisite home cannot without the minimalist design and elegant decoration. If you would like to chase a simple and Nordic feeling, maybe the bulb ball lamp can satisfy with your interior.
Combined with the simple geometric splicing, it creates a personality and a sense of simple modern. Now, let’s take a look what kind of ball hanging metal lamp is suitable for you.


The memory ceiling replica can rouse your childlike innocence. If you hanging on your children room, it will create a wonderful fairy world to your kids. A simple Nordic style in subtle colors which makes your home vividly.
It’s suitable for children room, book room, bedroom and living room. When you turn on the light, all worries are gone. Besides, you can lay it in the art photo gallery. You will get a nice photo with this beautiful balloon lamp. Available in three sizes in different color that you can choose. Different sizes balloon lamp that you decorate will create a special vision illusion.

2. Aballs hanglamp replica

Aballs pendant lamp was designed by Jaime Hayon, which belongs to the Aballs Suspension Small series, It combines Bosa’s world-class craftsmanship with traditional hand-blown glass art.Mainly made of aluminum, metal and glass. A simple glass ball created by simplistic design producing modernist elegance.
The soft diffuse lighting create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.This is an ideal choice for use in living room, bedroom, coffee shop, book room or bathroom. If you lay this lamp in your bathroom and under the light, you will get whole relaxation when you take a bath in the bathtub. What an enjoyable life time you will have.

3. Glass ball hanging lamp

This beautiful glass ball light fixture has an elegant and simple ball glass. This glass ball chandelier illuminates your space in this medieval modern style. With its retro sense and exquisite appearance,which it conveys an attitude of the elegant and leisurely life.
This fixture is made of metal, baking paint or electroplating with a transparent glass chandelier. It’s suitable for living room, dining areas, bedroom and so in. It brightens up your space and enhances your home taste.Besides, it could create a little light-luxury sense to your home decoration. Believe me, It’s not exaggerated, but will give you a shock vision at first sight.

4. Random lampa

Are you interested in a simple but unique bubble lamp? The moooi random light replica has a simple and cute appearance which attracted many families to choose it to decorate their interior. Hey, you can see that looks like many bubbles floating in the air. At the same time, it also looks like many stars shining in the sky.
It was designed by a famous designer Chia-Lee Yang. The thin iron wires support the light but resistant material of the balls, inside which incorporates the efficient LED light. It ‘s perfect for living room, bath room, dining room, bedroom and so on. This lamp you lay it in your bedroom which immerse you in a romantic atmosphere.

5. Meurice chandelier replica

Do you want to have an elegant but not exaggerated lamp to decorate your home? The Meurice kopia has a special appearance which it looks like a bamboo. The whole lamp of craft shows the exquisite sense. The modern takes on classic bamboo, which shows a new different style in your interior.
The Meurice chandelier gold adds a sculptural glow in living room, bedroom, dining areas or above a dining table. This simplest appearance reveals a beauty of line which is eternal and long-lasting. Besides, the exquisite workmanship compared with the modern Nordic style, which it has another charm. It has four finishes, varying form elegantly simple to vividly flamboyant.

6. Mila pendant lamp

Lampa Mila belongs to a minimalism style. If you want to have a good lamp decoration with the simple but not lack of elegant sense, maybe this lamp is your good choice. It has a convenient human design that you can install and clean it easily.
Your living room, bedroom, dining room and book room can be decorated by this trendy ball glass pendant light. This lamp will give you a modern inspiration to your interior design arrangement. Its conception of design reflects the wishes of peace and comfort. The durable function and high-quality that you will enjoy it. Your exquisite home can not without this elegant light.

Above is the display of the lighting products.

A good lamp that make you enjoy an elegant environment in home.