BMW 320d Service by Cartisan with Spare Part Details

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This article contains a brief description of a BMW 320d service along with specifications of the parts that are used. The Cartisan Service Team, comprising of a mechanic and advisor, carried out the service on the 320d.

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How to book a BMW 320d Service

You can request for a FREE estimate by contacting Cartisan through the Cartisan app or the Cartisan Website.

Be sure to enter all the requested details accurately. Moreover, providing the VIN/Chassis number of your car will help the Cartisan Support Team get you detailed estimates quicker.

BMW 320d Service

The owner of the 320d brought the car to the closest Cartisan Preffered Workshop. Here, the Cartisan Adviser took over the wheel of the car and parked it in the service bay. The Mechanic set to work and carried out a thorough preliminary inspection of the car. He confirmed that all was ok and the service could go ahead.

First, the Mechanic popped the bonnet open and removed the engine top shield. He placed the arms of the lift underneath the BMW 320d such that he could raise it slightly off the ground. Thereafter, he removed all 4 wheels of the BMW.

BMW 320d Filter Replacements

Air Filter — Part Number : E1004L

The air filter is located towards the front of the engine compartment. This air box can be opened by using a star-screw driver. The Mechanic opened the box and removed the dirty used air filter. He replaced it with a brand new air filter from Hengst. Part number : E1004L.

dimensions of filter

Fuel Filter Replacement. Part Number : H339WK

The fuel filter is located underneath the chassis of the car, towards the right side of the propeller shaft. It forms a link in the fuel pipelines that run from the fuel tank to the engine block. The mechanic disconnected these pipes and removed the fuel filter from its bracket. He replaced the used fuel filter with a brand new one from Hengst. Part number : H339wK.

Oil Filter & Engine Oil Replacement. Filter part number : E115H01 D208

The engine oil filter is located on the right side of the engine block. To remove it, the mechanic used a socket type oil filter wrench. Once he removed the used filter, he replaced it with a brand new one from Hengst. Part number : E115H01 D208.

Thereafter, the mechanic opened the oil sump cap and poured approximately 5.5 liters of Mitasu 0W-40 100% synthetic engine oil. This oil adheres to all manufacturer standards.


∙ API CI-4/CH-4/СG-4/CF
∙ ACEA A3/B3, A3/B4, E7

Brake Overhaul — Rear Brake Pads replaced with Brembo

The Mechanic set to work removing the brake pads from their respective brake calipers. The front brake pads were in good condition and so the mechanic cleaned them and placed them back in the brake pads. The condition of the rotors were such that by the time the brake pads would wear out, the rotors would be due for a replacement as well.

The Mechanic removed the rear brake pads from their calipers to find that they were worn out. The Mechanic used a wrench with the specific socket to open and tighten brake caliper bolts. He retracted the brake piston using a C-clamp so that the new brake pads could be installed with ease. He installed Brembo rear brake pads which match BMW OEM brake pad specifications and quality. Rear Brake Pad Part Number : P06038.

Finally, once all the spares were replaced and cleaned, the Mechanic mounted the wheels back onto the 320d. He lowered the car to the ground and the Cartisan Adviser got behind the wheel. He took the car out for a test drive and confirmed that the service was a success.

BMW Service & Repairs — Simplified

Cartisan recommends and uses genuine spares while servicing all premium/luxury cars. This ensures optimum performance and reliability of the vehicle. Apart from BMW, Cartisan offers services for a variety of other luxury car makes such as Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes etc.

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