BMW 7 Series Service and Brake Pad Replacement — 730LD F01

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In this article I have described the a BMW 7 series service. This service is carried out periodically, either every 10,000 or 15,000km.

The Cartisan Service team, comprising of mechanics and a service adviser, carried out the service.

How to book a BMW 7 Series Service

You can request for a FREE estimate by contacting Cartisan through the Cartisan app or the Cartisan Website.

Be sure to enter all the requested details accurately. Moreover, providing the VIN/Chassis number of your car will help the Cartisan Support Team get you detailed estimates quicker.

BMW 7 Series Service

The owner of the car provided all the relevant information of his car, pertaining to which the Cartisan Support Team provided detailed estimates. Thereafter, the Cartisan Support team scheduled an appointment for the BMW 7 Series service.

The Cartisan Service team picked up the BMW 7 Series and took it to the Cartisan Preferred Workshop. The Cartisan Adviser parked the car in the service bay. The Mechanic popped the bonnet open, removed the engine cover and carried out a preliminary inspection to confirm the condition of the car. Thereafter, he placed the arms of the lift underneath the 730Ld and raised it up. He loosened the wheel lug nuts and removed the wheels of the BMW.

Filter Replacement with specifications

Engine Oil & Oil Filter replacements

First, the Cartisan Mechanic removed the engine oil filter. This filter is located inside the engine bay. He then removed the engine oil drain nut which is located underneath the engine block. After draining the oil completely, the mechanic replaced the engine oil drain nut and then proceeded to install the new oil filter. The filter installed is manufactured by Hengst Filters. Thereafter, the mechanic poured approximately 7 liters of Mitasu synthetic 5W-40 engine oil. Mitasu synthetic engine oil adheres to vehicle manufacturer standards.

Fuel Filter Replacement

The fuel filter is located underneath the BMW 730Ld, towards the left front side. In order to access this filter, the Mechanic removed the underchassis covers that otherwise protect the filter and other components. This fuel filter is critical to the functioning of the engine as it filters the fuel that flows into it.

Cabin Filter Replacement

The cabin filter is located inside the 730ld’s cabin. Specifically, behind the glove compartment. The BMW 7 series requires the use of 2 cabin filters which filter the air flowing in from the outside of the vehicle. This filter is absolutely important as it keeps the air flowing through the air-con free of pollutants. The mechanic replaced this filter with a brand new one from Mann Filters.

Air Filter Replacement

Compared to those of most cars, the air filter of the 730Ld is quite massive as it needs to filter the air flowing into its big 3.0 liter diesel engine. The mechanic removed this filter, which is located on top of the engine block. He replaced it with a brand new filter from Reine filters. All filters used for this car adhere to OEM specifications and are of german make.

BMW 7 Series Brake Overhaul

During an inspection that was conducted a few days before the actual service of the BMW 7 Series 730Ld, the Cartisan Service Team found that the rear brake pads of the BMW were close to its wear limit. As a result, the customer opted to replace the rear brake pads of the BMW 7 series. Cartisan recommended Brembo brake pads for the same. The Mechanic opened the rear brake calipers and removed the worn out brake pads. He replaced these with brand new Brembo Ceramic brake pads. Additionally, the mechanic installed a new sensor. This sensor helps warn the driver when the brake pads are almost worn out.

Since the front brakes were still in good condition, the Mechanic removed them, cleaned them and placed them back into the brake calipers.

Finally, the Mechanic mounted the wheels back onto the BMW and lowered it to the ground. The Cartisan Adviser, after completing a comprehensive inspection report of the BMW 7 Series, took the car out for a test drive. He confirmed that the work was completed succesfully.

BMW Service & Repairs — Simplified

Cartisan recommends and uses genuine spares while servicing all premium/luxury cars. This ensures optimum performance and reliability of the vehicle. Apart from BMW, Cartisan offers services for a variety of other luxury car makes such as Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes etc.

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Originally published at Cartisan.


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