Mercedes Benz C Class Service — 2013 W204 C200 Kompressor

Premium Car Service with Cartisan — Mercedes Benz C Class, C200 Kompressor


This article briefly describes a Mercedes Benz C Class Service. The Cartisan Service team, comprising of a Mechanic and Service Advisor, carried out the service. Cartisan uses OES Spares for all premium/luxury car services. Therefore, Cartisan used 5W-40 oil from Mitasu and filters from Hengst.

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How to Book a Premium Car Service with Cartisan

You can request for a FREE estimate by contacting Cartisan through the Cartisan app or the Cartisan Website.

Be sure to enter all the requested details accurately. Moreover, providing the VIN/Chassis number of your car will help the Cartisan Support Team get you detailed estimates quicker.

Mercedes Benz C Class Service (C200 Kompressor) — how its done

The owner of the Merc requested for an estimate using the Cartisan app. Thereafter, the customer approved of the quotation and the Cartisan Service team arrived at his location. After all the necessary formalities were completed, the Cartisan Adviser took over the car from the owner. He drove it to the Cartisan preferred workshop where the work was to be carried out.

Once at the workshop, the Cartisan Adviser parked the car in the service bay. The Mechanic thereafter popped the bonnet open and carried out a thorough inspection of the car to confirm its condition before the service started. Once he was satisfied, he placed the arms of the two-post lift underneath the body of the C200. He used this lift to raise the car up. Next, he removed the wheels from the C200.

Mercedes C Class Service — Filter Replacements

The C200 comes with 3 periodically replaceable filters — the oil filter, air filter and AC filter. For this C200, the Cartisan Mechanic replaced only the air filter and oil filter. The cabin filter was still in good condition.

First, the Mechanic attended to the oil filter. The oil filter is accessible from the engine bay and is located towards the side of the engine block. The mechanic used an oil filter wrench and socket. Thereafter, the mechanic used the lift to raise up the C200 high up so that he could access the undercarriage. He then removed the engine underchassis shields to reveal the oil sump. Here he located and unscrewed the engine oil drain nut such that the engine oil drained out completely.

The air filter is located inside the air box which located to the right of the engine block. This component can be opened up using a simple star screw driver. The mechanic removed the used air filter from this box and replaced it with a brand new air filter from Hengst.

Mercedes C Class Service — Brake Overhaul

The Cartisan Mechanic opened the front and rear brake calipers. He removed the brake pads inside them and inspected them for cracks and excessive wear. The brake pads and rotors on this particular model were in useable condition and so the Mechanic placed them back into the calipers and screwed them shut. To carry out this part of the service, the Mechanic used a ratchet wrench with the appropriate size of socket and a screw driver.

Furthermore, the Mechanic inspected the brake fluid level in the fluid reservoir and confirmed that the level was adequate.

Finally, once all the above mentoined processes were completed, the Mechanic placed the wheels back onto the C200 and lowered it to the ground. He tightened all the wheel lug nuts. He then poured in approximately 5.5 liters of 5W-40 Fully Synthetic Mitasu Platinum Pao Engine oil into the 1.8 supercharged naturally aspirated Mercedes engine.

This oil adheres to Mercedes specifications/approvals — MB Approval 229.31, MB Approval 229.51.

Thereafter the Cartisan Adviser got behind the wheel of the C200 and fired up the engine. He took the car out for a test drive and confirmed that the service was a success.

Mercedes Benz Service — Simplified

Cartisan offers all kinds of mechanical services for Mercedes-Benz — Annual Maintenance services, brake & suspension services etc. We also offer services for a range of other premium/luxury cars like Land Rover, BMW, Audi, Jaguar etc.

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WATCH : Cartisan carries out Mercedes Benz C Class Service.

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