Mercedes Benz Service — 2012 GL350 X164

Dec 6, 2018 · 3 min read

I’ve written this article to briefly describe a Mercedes Benz Service carried out by the mechanics at Cartisan. If you’re looking for a trusted service provider for your Mercedes Benz service and repairs, do read further.

How to get in touch with us?

We’ve made an app to simplify the process of requesting for service appointments & repair estimates. You can download this Cartisan app for FREE from the Google Playstore or Apple Appstore. The app allows you to enter specific requirements and upload images of body panel damages so that Cartisan can respond with as comprehensible an estimate as possible. If you need to request for a doorstep complete vehicle inspection, you can do that on the app as well!

Carrying out a Mercedes Benz Service

So this is how it happened — the owner of the GL350 got in touch with Cartisan using the Cartisan app. The Cartisan Service Team had already inspected the vehicle prior to the service date. Therefore, the Cartisan mechanics and Service Adviser were well versed with the condition of the vehicle. Based on the chassis number Cartisan provided the car owner with a comprehensive quotation. The customer agreed and the service was scheduled.

On the specified date and time, the owner of the Mercedes brought the car to the Cartisan Preferred Workshop. Thereafter, the Cartisan Mechanic carried out an inspection. He signalled to the adviser to park the GL350 in the service bay. Once parked, the Mechanic placed the arms of the two-post lift underneath the chassis of the Mercedes. He popped open the bonnet and removed the engine cover. Using the lift, the Mechanic raised the car up slightly so that he could remove the wheels with ease.

What goes on during a Periodic Service?

Ever wondered what exact components are changed as part of a service? It’s simple — the engine of any car needs to breathe freely for this Cartisan replaced the filters.

Filter replacements

The engine requires clean passage of air-flow and fuel into the engine. In order to ensure no contaminants get in through either of these pathways, filters are required. Therefore, the air filter and fuel filter are two components that require replacements periodically. Different manufacturers recommend different replacement intervals. Typically, both of these filters are replaced every 30,000 kms. The mechanic replaced both these filters for the GL350.

Next, the Mechanic replaced the engine oil and the engine oil filter. He did this by unscrewing the engine oil drain nut which is located underneath the engine block. Later, he filled the engine block with fresh 5W-40 synthetic engine oil. Engine oil is required to lubricate the engine and is also needed to keep the engine cool. The oil acts as a medium for heat exchange. To ensure that the oil is circulating freely without contaminants, the engine is fitted with an oil filter.

Last but certainly not the least is the replacement of the cabin ac filter. This filter cleans the air that flows into the cabin from the external environment. It goes without saying that this filter is critical, not just to the components inside the car’s ac system but also to the passengers traveling inside the car. We all would rather breathe clean air!

For the GL350, the Cartisan Service Team used filters from Hengst and the engine oil used was from Mitasu.

Brake Overhaul/Cleaning

Additionally, the Mechanic removes the brake pads from the brake calipers at all four wheels. He cleaned these brake pads and placed them back into the brake calipers. The Mechanic does this to rid the brake pads of dust. Brake cleaning or overhaul, improves the general performance of the braking system.

Finally, after the Mechanic completed the above mentioned tasks, he signalled to the Cartisan Adviser that the service was completed. Before the adviser took the car out for a test drive the Mechanic carried out a thorough inspection. The adviser, after driving the car, confirmed that the service was a success.

Mercedes-Benz Service & Repairs — Simplified

Cartisan assures quality care, genuine spares and great prices for your Mercedes-Benz car service. Try it out today! Watch the cool video we made to showcase the GL350 service!

Originally published at Cartisan.


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