Magento vs Shopify: Don’t choose the best!

In the dynamic marketplace, eCommerce platforms have to join in a fierce race with different strong competitors, such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, etc. Each of them owns strong points and day by day goes on improving to meet users’ demands. With many candidates like that, but the most outstanding is the two-horse race between Magento and Shopify. So, which is the best choice for all online merchants? Examine through these comparisons below and make your own decision.

The initial difference has to be said is “cost”. In the cost aspect, Magento can boast because of open source software. It means users need to pay nothing to install and use it. In contrary, Shopify is a commercial product. However, Shopify offers free hosting whereas you are required to have your own hosting, install and configure everything before actually creating Magento store. And unless you are a professional, or you have programming skills, you have to spend rather big amount of money for that.

About design, both Shopify and Magento supply with plentiful themes. Magento owns about 120 themes, some of which are free, or you have to pay around $50 to $150 for each paid one. Nevertheless, not all of them are vetted so some risks can be happened. Meanwhile, with more sleek and powerful themes of Shopify, users have to face to any difficulties when adapting them. One more point, Magento is able to connect to FTP client in order that users can edit files more easily. Shopify, however, doesn’t provide any FTP account, is files is not so confusing as Magento, so FTP is not really necessary here.

With other features, Magento performs its profession whereas Shopify is attracted with its ease to use but pro as well. Both offer basic store functionalities with fairly powerful to use and maintain on an ongoing basis. Shopify can be said to be significantly easier to setup and use as compared to Magento. Or both platforms allow flexible and powerful options for calculation of shipping charges which is one of the most basic and essential aspects of selling physical goods via an ecommerce storefront. Morevover, both platforms offer extensive SEO capabilities in order to help you drive more organic traffic to your store via search engines, scoring almost neck-to-neck on powerful SEO features and benefits.

In terms of support, Shopify is the winner again. Even though joining a large community, you will get no customer support from Magento support team. Luckily, with Shopify, there are teams who are willing to answer all your questions and solve your problem. Blog and forum of Shopify are also the other reliable channels for users.

In general, Magento or Shopify are both pro platform to create a dream online shop, so in fact, the best one is not sure to be the best choice for your own business. Do carefully research and analyse your demands, your budget before deciding.

Don’t worry if you are running another one, various tools will help you with Shopify migration tool, WooCommerce migration tool, Prestashop migration tool, etc. Remember that: The best sometimes doesn’t bring the best!