Migrate Data Easily With WP-Ecommerce To WooCommerce Migration Tool

Have you ever in trouble of migrating data from WP-Ecommerce to WooCommerce? If the answer is yes, it is easy to understand. Today, for more convenience in using and supporting online business, many migration tools has been released in the e-commerce market. However, not all of them are good for users because there may be some losses or changes in migrating process that users do not want those things to be occured.

So, what can do here to prevent those drawbacks occur? Does any solutions to do the transference perfectly? Here, there is a migration tool that prevent users for all unexpected situations that listed above. WP-Ecommerce to Woocommerce provided by LitExtension is the ultimate version which allows users to transfer their Products, Categories, Orders, Customers, Passwords and other data automatically.

Why is it secured? The answer is in the working process of this software:

Another reason that makes this migration to be secured is there will be no third party involved, everything happens within two sites. So, online data will be safe.

From now, you can download and install WP-Ecommerce to WooCommerce without any worries. To practice, click: Migrate WPEC to Woocommerce

Or if you want to migrate other shopping cart to WooCommerce, here is the way: Woocommerce Migration Tools