Why should migrate Magento 1.8 to Magento 2.0

Magento is the most popular open source platform. Releasing from 2013, Magento 1.8 offers various nice features that serve different objects. In order to improve features of the leading eCommerce platform, Magento team continues to develop Magento 2. On November 2015, Magento 2 is released to the Magento community. Magento 2 is the next generation open source platform that is faster, easier and more secure than Magento 1.8

In this article, LitExtension will share the points we know about new features of Magento 2 then give comparison to Magento 1.8. If you want to upgrade to Magento 2, I think you might find many helpful information in it.

Improved Performance and Scalability

· Load speed is innovated incredibly in Magento 2. It takes only < 1.5s for users to load for Home, Category and Product pages, and < 0.75s to pages to catch.

· Each step has checkout process designed for page tool, only with <1.9 seconds per step, which helps you convert more sale

· Provide better shopper experience by minimizing and bundling javascript, compressing images and by integrating Varnish cache for better site performance

· The scale is large enough for your store even in the busiest days. Magento support 3.5 million page view per hour and more than 250,00 orders per hour.

· With database for order management, catalog and checkout, users can feel free to run business in huge scale.

New File Structure

With Magento 2, everything is placed directly under the “app” structure, except for config.xml. It is easy for you to access all templates, layouts and js, css file. Magento 2 gives developers more opportunities for customization without changing site functionality.

New Built-in Technologies Under The Hood.

Magento 1.8


Prototype JavaScript library in core

Jquery in rwd package

Additional JavaScript libraries


Magento 2.0




Apache 2.2 or later

PHP 5.5.x

PSR Compliance

Install needed components via Composer

Magento UI library

CSS Pre-processor

Full page caching

Magento performance toolkit

Dependency Injection

Reduce upgrade costs and efforts

Magento 2 allows you to install and upgrade core software and extensions quickly and simply with lower upgrade costs and efforts. Magento 2 includes information on versioning policies, so developers can upgrade to new version easier. However, you need the support of new standalone installer to set up Magento 2 faster.

jQuery Library

Prototype is the main JavaScript Library in Magento CE 1.8 and EE 1.11–1.14, which targets to ease development of dynamic web applications. The demand from Magento Community rises, jQuery becomes the new default JavaScript library.

Rich User Experiences

o Personalization

Delivering unique and engaging experiences across every touch point making it easy to transact. It is key of winning in the day of competitive ecommerce environment. That’s why magento enables personalization experiences, on site behaviour or other data influence content, promotion and product recommendation. Currently, Venustheme also offer Magento Page Builder for personalization & usability. With the support of page builder, you can save tons of time, money and efforts by visually editing your site with ease.

o Easy Product discovery

Magento 2 site is easier for shopping users. With narrow- down search function, shopper find out exactly what they want in shortest time.

o Fast Checkout

2- step checkout process is fast by minimizing customers’ information. And other information page, user can create account with one click without interrupting the transaction.

According to statistics of LitExtension, on average Magento 2 migration is about 20% larger than a store upgrade between two versions of Magento 1.8. If you have plan to upgrade to Magento 2, you can do with Magento to Magento migration tool .