Leveraging Location Intelligence for the Future

Increasingly, organizations in all kinds of industries are learning that the primary benefit of location intelligence is comprehensive analytics, not just the ability to see where something happens or exists.

With the ever evolving and advanced phases of technology our concept of place is becoming more fluid and layered as digital information overlays 
and enriches the physical world.

Eighty percent of data has a geospatial component and location offers a new way of understanding our environment as it has becomes encoded with new meaning and messages. What happens when an organization brings together business intelligence and geographic analysis to discover power new insights? Location intelligence. The new business intelligence is location intelligence, harnessing the power of place to drive analysis and insights affecting the bottom line.

Location intelligence is not just another word for geography information science (GIS). Location intelligence is more than spatial analytics or GIS alone, it is the ability to visualize spatial data to identify and analyze relationships. Evolving from GIS, location intelligence provides analytic and operational solutions across organizations.

New location intelligence software provides user-friendly visualization, analysis, and deep insights for big data, accessible and consumable at all levels of commerce. CartoDB, brings location data together in a unified solution, with real time visualization data augmentation, which allow users to quickly assess information on the city’s trends, neighborhoods and growing business zones, integrating multiple datasets seamlessly in an interactive map and dashboard.

Location intelligence unlocks the power of your geospatial data, enabling you to apply geographic contexts to business data. It enables a deeper study and analysis of collected data, the formation of predictive models and the optimal visual communication.

The world we live in is constantly changing; having readily available real-time information in a comprehensive and actionable format is a critical key to success.