Everything We Knew About The NBA Finals Was Wrong!
Kevin Biggers

Why on earth would they continue NOT playing David Lee? If nothing else, he can draw fouls with his offensive skills, and steal, idk, maybe 3-5 rebounds from TT? This isn’t gonna be the game changer (or is it?), but in trying to think of a team besides GS, on which in this same scenario, David Lee would not see the playoff floor…I came up with none.

David Lee Playoff Stats

Looking at the above, I’d absolutely take 3 rebounds/2 pts in 5 mins of action, or (the less nice but still OK) 1 rebound/1 steal/1 TO/1 didn’t-matter foul in 3 minutes. Stats also don’t capture what else he could make happen in drawing fouls, preventing TT from getting rebounds, etc. Seems just like wasted skills sitting on the bench doing not much against a team that isn’t necessarily out-of-this-world offensively on a night to night basis.

As for Mozgov, if you aren’t pushing him in the finals, when are you planning to push him?

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