Every time there is a catastrophe, many humanitarian aid teams and volunteers move to the site to offer their help. We have been the non-visible face of this help, behind the computer, indicating the paths to access, locating urban centers and bodies of water to give an idea of how to manage resources to the team of volunteers from the Spanish Red Cross. In many cases, these help teams have to use hand-drawn maps, which are totally uncertain and this makes them less efficient.

It has now been over a week since the Humanitarian Mapathon and volunteers are still asking…

The water hyacinth is a native plant from the tropical areas of South America. These water plants are formed by spongy rhizomes and roots. The spongy rhizomes allow them to float and the roots intertwine to form large rafts, sometimes impossible to cross. The water hyacinth is one of the fastest growing plants of its kind, being able to double its number in 15 days. No wonder this plant is considered invasive in almost all continents such as Asia, Oceania, Africa and America.

Image by New Straits Times

It is estimated that they were introduced as an invasive species for the first time in Florida…


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