The Baltimore “Mother Of the Year” Is anything but.

Note: The last time I wrote here was in the starting days of the CyberCultureWar and its on going and semi permanent status in the minds and hearts of those fighting it. I felt that Medium was and in many ways still going in a direction that doesn't promote the free expression of its members. It has become the apple of those people in power eye, and that is something i am not in favor for.

I know that Ev Williams and others who are reading this will disagree with my words, but let me be frank. I own up to these words. I own up to what i believe is right. I came from a city and my family were helped by people who honestly tried to get America out of the homesickness created from the aftermath’s of the changes in the world. I have been raised by great men, and women who held the ground of discipline without lifting a finger when I was trying to do the right thing. I may miss words. I may sometimes not get the correct grammar — and at times even my advanced vocabulary fails to reach the page. But, I may not say another word on this site ever again. And thats because my voice — just like the young man’s voice when his mother smacked him across the face — were silenced when changes made to the site were done. They may have worked for you to have those in power talk — but for me — it was more of a death knell. So maybe, you did it for the betterment of your site like Ms Graham did smack her son upside the head for the betterment of her son, but its this kind of knowing what is best — that has left life for the black male such as Ms Graham son and myself so dirt poor — that he had no choice but to fight back against everything. Even if it was the wrong way to do it.

So i am fighting back against what the media says black men should be. Doesn't matter if its Social Justice Warriors cheering the mother on with their helpers from the media -or the conservatives saying that we are nothing but thugs…The narrative is Mr Williams and all those that are reading this — is that black lives matter when the media says it does.

And that isnt true.

And so with that here is what i wrote down:

Ms Graham is a symptom — not the savior.

A media that has stated that black lives matter — hands up, dont shoot. Has clapped their hands for a woman who hasn’t got a clue what she symbolizes.

Imagine if you will, a similar event — where cops had dogs, water hoses and a bunch of black teenagers protesting? What if the leadership of that city told the parents of those black teens who were protesting that you need to smack them upside the head before the police do… or you will lose your job in the process?

If that took place, the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s would have been dead in the water.

And that is what is happening now. The cheering for Ms Graham in a vine video — fifteen seconds of her fame because she “disciplined” her son — is a sad reminder of why black men’s lives don’t really truly matter…

…unless your play along with the gig.

And let me be clear. I am not against discipline. There is a lot of people who need it in order to better themselves.

Nevertheless, Ms Graham — that wasn’t the place. That wasn’t the time — those were not the actions — of some one who wanted her son not to become Frankie Gray etc.

Those are the actions of a desperate mother with no good options. Because the city of Baltimore, and our country has given no good options for the father(s) of Ms Graham’s kids to at least have a Job and make money to take care of those kids.

So why wouldn’t the son of Ms Graham be throwing rocks? He — along with others were STUCK in the middle of the segregated sections of Baltimore trying to get other students home? He is tired of being treated like second class.

So his mother then, with the smacking of his son out in the street — just confirmed that he is a second class person in America.

And the media cheered.

But that’s one of the reasons that we have to watch and be critical of what the media has to say.

The media wants one narrative. And that narrative is that black men, black boys — cannot be trusted with there own constitutionally given rights of protest. That the government must show them all the ways of the world.

It isnt working. It hasnt worked.

So when Ms Graham is smacking his son up for protesting — he is saying to him that his life doesn’t matter. That protesting doesn’t work. That being at home while his city burns is the only way to go.

I am not advocating violence towards businesses, that’s stupid. It could be my businesses that burn down and i would be pissed. Everybody should be.

Im not advocating violence against other people. Thats wrong as well.

But when justice has become “social” — when Civil Rights has become Civil Promises/Permissions/Privileges that can be taken away at a whim. a mother who wants her son not to become Frankie Gray — may have done something worse.

That his life only matters when some body in authority (white or black, liberal or conservative) tells him it is.

And there is the catch. The great catch of what went wrong with this Social Justice version of a Civil Rights movement that was more than the sum of its parts back then.

Its now all about authoritarianism — and not about true discipline — the one that says that all what we are taught as children when the times get rough — stays true through the tests and the trials of life.

Its all about choices. And the choice the son made, to see what makes a man — more than his father ever was; even if the way Ms Grahams son went about it was wrong — it was a learning experience. Something more than what any school would teach him.

All Ms Grahams son has learned — that black men will always get slapped around if they ever get out of line — if your mom cant do it — then the cops will… then as he grows older — his wife will — then the courts will with child support will.

All in the while — his jobs don’t pay him that much — if at all.

Ms Graham’s son was trying to fight against his future fate.

All Ms Graham’s did was chain him to that fate.

And the media cheered.