The Butt(s) of Winners Discontent (A Street Fighter V Joint)

Note: The Following Article was posted on a Video Game web-portal that im working on called the PlayStation Zeitgeist. I work on it alone and have done some reviews on YouTube. I am working on two reviews at this point. I talk about certain issues on this article condemning aspects of what the Bay Area calls “Diversity Hiring” and “Bro Hero Worship” along with “Maniac Pixie Girl and the White Knights” and its contemptible and near fascistic, banal language.

This doesn’t mean I am a supporter of some Alt-Right movement or some other cultural libertarian nonsense. It has become apparent that all three sides of these culture wars ultimately screw the people over. I believe that America has to come to terms with how it sees itself. Until that honest look takes place, we will continue to have culture wars to keep us in full on panic and permanent anxiety. And that's what ultimately what the media structures (and sadly the owners of both this site, twitter, facebook and many social media companies) are turning us into - a humanity removed from its rational and generic moorings, turning technology into a jail cell of overemotional blobs only stimulated the smell of cash and the manipulation of weakness. The creation of such tools as Patreon and other such tools of exploitation continues to stratify power structures to the very elite that help facilitate the mess.

Until the Bay Area economic and CEO leadership from Uber, Lyft, Reddit - twitter, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon figures a way in paying their workers regardless of sexual orientation or race a wage fitting their work and talent, the only way to prevent political structures from gentrifying, treating and throwing the voices the working, middle, and lower middle classes away into fits of fascistic thought - is the creation of a workers trade organization that allows a form of revenue sharing. It is not a full solution to these problems, but the third option is much worse than the other two choices and will create massive structural and cultural problems ahead. For the one of the reasons if not the major reason why these cyberculturewars exist is purely economic and how western cultures reacts to lack.

S o now, Street Fighter V has come out.

And things are nowhere near as it appears.

For all of Capcoms “Great Intentions”, from betas of the game, fight leagues and so on, the game in its first few days is a unmitigated mess. Frame rate issues, cant find players and issues with how characters act and look and what they do…

And no “arcade” mode.

Not a good start — and it will be July before the real parts of the game come out.

Pretty much it was alpha code, called beta testing that made the actual game into a beta.

But all of it would haven’t mattered — too much if at all — if it wasn’t for R.Mika’s and Cammy’s censorship.

The Japanese developers, sadly too trusting of an increasingly “pseudo gaming press” (they should just be called from now on, the video game divisions of the various entertainment news and celebrity news outfits — such as Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, TMZ, Extra, and so on). hears their voices before the FGC’s.

Which has become apparent since now Activision and Turner and ESPN all want to get into E-Sports — since Sports is the only thing keeping advertisers (with many of their politically correct, if not by content but in placement; adverting) in this game of content all the time, everywhere and in all ways. And the FGC, too busy to be helping fight the battles and the actual cyberculture war — has decided to front run to the mainstream in order to get some sort of prestige and cultural cache.

How can you have both when the same media who wants to make e-sports a thing has a ear to its very destroyers?

Capcom was caught between failures of “westernized” Call of Duty shooters, remakes after remakes, the changing landscape of the mobile world, and e-sports rise not in spite of Capcoms and other games of that ilk, but because of Call of Duty and its ilk.

It also has become apparent that they don't have the money nor the groups to produce some of the superstar games of the past. So going to Sony and hoping for a revival of a older franchise was key. But it might have been all for naught. A game that needed much, much more time in the oven, was sent out without a spark, a feeling, and a lifeless, dare i say it normcore, weak and politically correct and expedient. A gentrified fighting game for masses looking for safety without privacy, the rule of the lie over the the search of the truth and in the end, the remaking of humanity into a culturally inert class of biological automatons, activated by cultural signals from stealing other cultures pain and experiences in life.

So what all of these issues have to do with Rainbow Mika’s call out?

Taken all together, it seems to be a very weak argument — but in reality is has become a problem dealing with America’s unhealthy view of masculinity, how men react to it — how the response is in kind when it comes to females and why its effecting how we see and view life between men and women etc.

What we see on twitter now, and other social services (its not a media, its a service and like all services things change) is a take over not just by folks in wall street, but by elements of the wall street “left wing” (as in Larry Sanders etc) who saw that “it was the economy, stupid” back in the 1990’s. Jack Dorecy who runs twitter and square (not enix) on the day that the Twitter Safety Council also set up the changes to the timeline — which he said he wouldn’t do. Also rumors swell that those working in twitter is actively trying to shadow-ban accounts — that the accounts are out there, but cannot talk to certain users. That some accounts lost the verification check because of political not criminal acts. For all the talk of Twitter’s talk about taking down terrorism and such, the fact that certain members of the group are actively protecting terrorist groups and twitters refusal to take down created CSS and Python based shadowbanning bots and spiders (many of these bots were created by confidants working with people now in the Twitter Safety Council). There are even games of banning certain users because these users incorrectly see that twitter isnt doing enough with their own basic blocking and reporting rules.

The reason why they are incorrect has nothing to do with the offending user (the troll who is being blocked), and everything to do with the talent working at twitter, or even possibly the programing language twitter is using. It seems that ruby (the basis of twitter) is a simple language to use, but increasingly it has become weak to the standards of newer programing and cant even stand up to the older. But what maybe of more import is the issue with the talent level over at twitter. Its become apparent that coders are extremely egotistical about their work, and a good coder is still hard to come by. But it seems when the folks ask for edits, and better blocking mechanisms, the coders in twitter know academic code and not professional. And what i get the sense is that Jack is covering for these massive weaknesses in both the code and its workers by allowing these political and economic left wing (read it as neoliberal) enties to prop twitter (and Facebook, YouTube) up in the eyes of Wall Street and Main Street.

It is not working. The Natives are restless and leaving twitter in droves, for greener pastures such as SnapChat and Instagram (the latter owned by Facebook). Meanwhile the ones that are staying in these increasingly statsi like enclaves are gentrifying the area into a mishmash of the same enclaves represented by San Francisco.

And one thing people need to realize that while the bro’s run the place — the females who complain about the sexual harassment and breaking the glass sealing when it comes to hiring practices were once the high school geek girl/emo/goth and prep girls with their own structures of hierarchy. Both the bro’s (and their female girlfriends, such as Travis — CEO of Uber and his girlfriend) and the female (can we call them 3rd wave?) objectors all come from the same place:

The Neo-Conservatives (parents, grandparents) who ran America and tried to change the culture from 2001 to 2008.

This is really the continuation of the overall culture war — but this time aspects of it are reversed — its a Progressive Stack of gentrification, not unlike the issues of the evanglization of the masses with the pull of right wing talk in the very late 90’s throughout most of the 2000’s up till the economic crash. The same thing is taking place now — instead of talk radio you have the websites such as Gawker and Buzzfeed, and podcasts such as “This American Life” and “Serial”. The stars of the reformed conservative (compassionate conservatism) such as O’Reilly and Beck, their counterparts are on the web from Ungkr and certain PBS digital hosts in the SJW milieu. The reason Fox hasn't gone after these liberals, and their connections with certain elements of the terrorist orgs, is because Fox is trying to stop a civil war starting on its own turf (concerning Trump etc). Meanwhile the same liberal groups mentioned above are fighting a proxy war in the entertainment industry and in the bay area particular, when it comes to the issue of the Hidden Bernie Bro, and the nasty comments made by the CIA Maiden Gloria Steinem and former Sec of State Madeline Albright (the latter later apologized). This also brings Mike Rearden (aka Killer Mike) into the mix, because he being accused of being one of the Bernie Bro’s because he quoted from another female about Mrs Clinton.

You get the sense that this has to deal more with the insecurity of this young millennial females when it comes to sexuality and its power and nothing to do with the betterment of said females in the workplace, university etc

This has to deal with the conflation of sexuality as the only thing that matters and not just another thing that is apart of life.

The Censor as Product of a False Culture

What has happened is that by censoring parts that wernt censored before — we give power to those who wish to use sex as a weapon and as a form of control. Not just over women, but in a much more dangerous and scary aspect — over men.

What has happened in the last several years after the economic disasters, is that while the rich didnt feel much of the effects, and the upper middle class really didn’t get hurt much, the middle, lower middle, working and poor got raked over the coals. Jobless rates rose, shanty towns appeared. And movements was started.

Occupy Wall Street and The Tea Party.

While ONS and Tea Partiers were dramatically different in ideology the goal was the same. The bankers had to pay and pay BIG for stealing the largess of the populace.

But you know the Kings of the Universe always got plans.

You see, sex is the greatest weapon one can use against a people. Its one of the reasons why there was a ban not only on females fighting in the military (until recently), and homosexuals in the military — it was a morality question — war was hell on the mind and you gonna lose your friends.

Things Happen.

REALLY bad things Happen.

Dont you fucking drop that soap.

And so the Kings of the Universe (please watch Wolf of Wall Street, its not optional) devised a plan for ONS, while Koch and Co set up AstroTurfing groups to breakup The Tea Party.

Our friends in the LBGTQ+ along with certain feminist groups (natch) was given the Faustian bargain, gay marriage (which was going to happen between the next 10 to 20 years in some form in the west anyway, but this was to make the funding expedient for the lawyer fees, adverting, connections — you know the dirty work) for the destruction of ONS. (since ONS was a free form group that allowed discussion on all sorts of issues) You do know that the FBI and Homeland Security were also watching ONS (and the Tea Party because of its extremist elements). Well, ONS remembered what happened in the many movements that took place in the 60’s and how they later became over corrupted by their leaders (either by mental breakdown with the Black Panthers, placating to the power structure with Green Peace etc, Assassination etc) so it became leaderless.

It seemed to work. The media loves a good protest. It was the recreation of the 60’s all over again. But to a over cynical and deeply scared media culture dealing with lawsuits concerning the Janet Jackson incident, piracy in the media, the netflix effect, dwindling subscriber rates — and Video Games cutting into their profit margins, this wasnt going to be too long. You do know the same banks there protesting against handles our money right?! How we get funding for our Kardasihans shows!? Hell, the damn League will be calling in a few years and what new bank would give us cash to keep the NFL on our networks?

So out of fear (the media kinda sometimes forget how money works), The issues dealing with a leaderless movement (it tends to stratify to the largest groups) and legit incidents and unconfirmed (to this day) of sexual assault to members of ONS, plus the changes in how ONS was focused on, from economics to all types of issues not meant to deal with the focus of ONS(plus with all the trash, and the stink etc, etc) ONS started to break down, The media started to go negative on ONS and the police did the rest. ONS promises became no more.

Wall Street and the Kings of the Universe win, and since they always work with interest — here comes billions and billions of tax dollars, going to these groups created after the disillusion of ONS to lobbies not only connected to Koch, but to Soros, Omidar — the many Bay Area VC’s which helped in the IPO’s of Facebook, and many other tech companies — and they fund those in the movements such as FCK8 and so on. They also prop up The ACLU, TOR (which already gets government funds with its connections with the DOD) and other groups. These groups are all over the universities- which while not a major problem by itself — has increasingly become a issue with the concept of safe spaces and asking Journalists to pay for access to these spaces. Its almost like the Bush era degrees of Access to information. And all the creation of all these safe spaces is a similar move to what the government did with protest zones back in the late 90’s after what took place in Seattle and the WTO, and became much more pronounced during the 2000’s.

These are all reactions to a nation that refused to look at themselves and realized that censorship — from the political sphere, to even shows censoring shirts, drug needles and so on, has the opposite effect of what they were trying to censor us from. In fact in certain ways, it makes the issue worse.

TL:DR, yeah, yeah but what does it have to do with Mika and Cammy and all these issues with games?

I explained that how sex is used as a weapon. I also explained that sex has become an identity and not something one does because of economic downturn.

Now, the biggest problem with these two aspects is that if a group sees sex both as a weapon (for misuse, manipulation, and a form of exploitation via money, fraud and prostitution) and as an identity — than both sex negative and sex positive movements use sex to censor thought, movement, and the reconfiguration of ones identity in order to have the natural desire.

This is because not only sex education in schools are so bad, its also that sex research in universities are nearly nonexistent outside of Kinsley (see the show The Art of Sex that aired on Showtime). This has become one of the reasons why we we have so many problems in relationships — as we in the first world created new aspects and new tools and technology got better and more rights were given to the people, and even research to prevent, cure and hinder sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and AIDS, but nothing that tells about how to talk not only to adults about sex but about relationships as more women get into the workplace and how to deal with changes in culture.

Because sadly, our universities have become mills for both the rich and the well connected to plunder not only in STEM but with the ACLU and FCK8 and so on with other degrees. The only thing that is keeping colleges and universities afloat is sports, and its the same thing keeping the rest of the entertainment industry afloat. So instead of teaching actual STEM research and computing (which is truly rare) and actual new research into sex and sexual issues (which is sorely needed because with transgenderism most of us are flying blind), we now have STEM that teaches basic common language that only covers pseudo-academic tracks that don’t produce good programmers, and urban/women/sociology studies (the humanities) that doesn’t inform their students in actual biological differences in humans and how effects society but instead promotes conspiracy theory in the form of Intersectionality.

If there was something new and understandable in the sex studies in universities — we wouldn’t have the mess of sex positive or sex negative because they come from a place of hodgy podgy neo-liberal (and neo conservative) attention span think. All of our knowledge about our relationships with the opposite sex is over 50 years old! Education has changed so dramatically and new studies and new discoveries and conformations of theories have came out at this time…

But nothing about how one meets the other? the fetishes? how to solve the issue of men over reaching and women over reacting (and vice versa?)

Maybe the reason why we censor (and getting worse now) is because we not only fear the icky stuff — we now fear our own reason, and feel the emotion is the identity.

We are becoming empaths for a world becoming insane.

We are now regressing, into a childlike state

This was the plan. Because those who are speaking out against the Bernie Bro and so on, only speak at a pre-teen level?

Dont believe me? There is a video that talks about Trump, and it shows where Clinton’s speech reading level is.

8th grade.

12–13 years old.

Bernie Sanders is at a 10 -11th grade level

16 to 17 years old.

How can anybody talk to a 13 year old girl on a mental level if not in a condensing matter? YOU CANT, its not possible.

And its very easy for the liberals to go after Trump because he talks at a 5th grade level.

Language (as we have seen in MGS5 — look for my review soon) is important to everything we do. Both in the hidden body language and the spoken word.

When you cant express your feelings in the manner that is needed then there is some form of reaction. Their always is.

So when we have objectors talking about how video games, the fan-base and so on and its sexism issues — they talk in condescending terms, like a 13 year old playing with the younger brother and or sister in a game or chores. They have time and a place for those terms, but to a whole audience? And does the audience even deserve that criticism?

The answer to both questions is no.

They are not a part of the political machinations that infect all forms of our media landscape. It has become apparent that some aspects of the Objector/Sex Negative movements isn’t sex negative — but sex antagonistic — ie they do not like sexual stuff in its current form.

They want to change sex into a commodity like hair spray or combs. That way they feel as though they can deny access unless certain criteria is met. And the criteria is a mentally dumb down, but physically built ubermech (not unlike Magic Mike XXL, and you can see why they are infatuated with Ryu this time around — and before all the objector bs started, Mr Cumberbach was the target.)

While its fine for teenage girls to be infatuated with the strong man of the woods, who can also sing (reason why music’s audiences change from decade to decade.) it has to end. It has to come to a new realization that mental ideal of the man that will be a slave — a whim to budding desires must go away in some form.

The same is true for opposite sex.

But it has to be sublimated in different ways and in different forms.

R.Mika, Cammy and Laura are those forms for men, not unlike the same way the objectors/sex negatives see Ryu (or any of the Magic Mike folk).

When one censors moves, acts, plays in one game and for the media to call it Growing Up — to promote conspiracy — punching up — and emotional delimitation (found in undertale etc) and over promotion of a juvenile characters that lack agency due to age over those that have emotional and physical, and mental agency and the struggle to keep it (regardless of male or female) you are then saying that adult will and adult culture cannot be saved and that man must live forever in a one season infantile spring, and his emotions, and his justified anger at his/her culture being railroaded by those without any sort of emotional strength of will, and manipulated by a mainstream culture so angry at everything its ready to be taken hold by someone to stand up these emotional bullies that do nothing but scream but has decided that the people are forfeit.

A culture that does this and continue to support such censorious drivel, and developers that have to overwork and worry about what a internet media that has been overrun by both under-educated; underfunded and prone to conspiracy theory journalists and leadership in these sites only hurt the video games industry as a whole because then it gives more power to Call of Duty and other games and the culture around it. Great for Activison but for Capcom trying to get back into some semblance of respect? They need to through EVERYTHING they GOT just to show they still got it.

There is a reason why Kojima is beloved. he stuck to his guns. There is a reason why Ed Boon has gotten a second life — because when the censors were going crazy, he stuck to his guns and played them for suckers and now he has revived the franchise. There is a reason why Harada’s Tekken sells well. Why Dangaropa is full a danger and sales and so on.

They don’t have time for the bullshit of the being scared or how culture feels scared at the moment. They changed the game and still doing it.

Ono doesn’t has that fight in him. Capcom didn’t have that fight. They cant. Play it safe.

But lose respect- create more problems for your developers, and now its getting bad reviews from the fans.

The FGC has a lot to answer for. Too much front-running, protecting bigger players over others. Why didn’t they fight for someone they wanted in the game since Street Fighter 4?

Maybe they forgot these words:

We are Homo Ludens (Those who play)

From the moment we enter this world,
 we instinctively invent ways to have “fun,”
 and share those inventions with those around us.
 We’re not asked to do this,
 nor we do need reasons to create. It is simply who we are.

We find one another and compete with one another.
 We laugh together and cry together; all while playing together.
 Our experience bind us and liberate us.
 To share our most valuable experiences, we create stories, invent tools, and evolve the art of play.
 Play has been our ally since the dawn of civilization.

“Playing” is not simply a pastime.
 It’s the primordial basis of imagination and creation.
 Truth be told, Homo Ludens (Those who play)
 are simultaneously Homo Faber (Those who create).

Even if the earth were stripped
 of life and reduced to a barren wasteland, our imagination and desire
 to create would survive — beyond survival,
 it would provide hope that flowers may one day bloom again.
 Through the invention of play, our new evolution awaits.

The objectors want to remove humanity from its evolutionary and genetic mornings.

We must protect this legacy. So all may understand.

That we become creation — animators of both screen and life…

Take language and make it alive

which then makes our relationships and sexuality into discovery of each others and yourself once more.

And then there moment of clarity we are no where close to as of yet.

So before you go get Fire Emblem Fates or Street Fighter V — look at the IGN scores, and think your just getting a game, nothing to worry.

Just remind yourself how much your overlooking.

How much you willing to take…

Just to get a game…

Missing its soul.