Yes, Vox. The Rich Won

But you know what Nick Carnes? I don’t care if they win.

Yes, folks. The Rich did win. There is no class struggle. There is no such thing any more because all the people who are talking about life being a struggle is being shut out, shot at, ripped apart and told to consume content, content, content.

Let me make this clear. There is no hope, Mr Carnes. I wish to God there was. But what I have learned is that trying to get in the door isn't worth the effort when the door is trapped by sexism bombs, race tacks, bloody trails and all sorts of horror.

I know why the Rich won. The rich won because they became meaner to everyone. Its all about getting “yours” because everybody else are dumb to the truth.

It doesn't matter how much you vote — nothing changes. The Political class in the west did this in the 1990's. Welfare died out, Welfare to work started. They have so much wealth, that companies and corporations don't NEED the middle class nor the poor to fund such things as Netflix, all those silly apps on the Itunes store, music acts and so on. The Uber Rich not only keeps the entertainment business live, their children basically funds Disney, Nick, Cartoon Network and nothing else when it comes to their form of entertainment. When you cant afford the big action figure — you have to wait for a hand me down, while their children get to have the best. And to keep up with the Jones, some intercity families have to get the shoe to give them a sense of ownership in a nation who has left them behind.

The Rich use that a weapon to say they are not “truly poor”.

The Rich runs how one gets married. They have made a mockery of Religion and especially Christianity. They have shown their power known in Ferguson, as the Police protected the higher end eras instead of allowing protest and arresting the looters. They show their power when they deny the vote via gerrymandering and ID rules. They made it so, that the poor only vote for their benefits.

Oh, they tend to keep the status quo, and not truly interested in the rights that others fight for — unless you got an equal amount of cash to beat them at their own game. But how can you get that equal amount just to beat them? You find connections with rich folks. No way out and no way around it.

The rich have lines of credit — tax free that even when one business deal goes bad, another pops up. They move money like it was nobodies business. And now everybody who don't have this type of wealth, are struggling every day — just to live and so they cant find the real shit that can change things. Their lives, their hopes. Education is not enough, because money basically runs education. The Rich controls how those lower than them how they view things, how to see life. They split men and women into waring factions, black and white just to get one more dime into their coffers.

It reaches a point where those that try to make something of themselfs don't. The poor and the middle class live vicariously via the mega rich. And even those some don't like it — the majority wants it that way. Because everybody who has tried to change the game has lost.

Well, guess what — im not going to fight against the rich. There is no reason to.

Because the decaying efface of the nation has arrived and its time for one to collect the excellence of what the nation represented and hold it for future generations if their is even one. And even when the Roman Empire died out, and those that had the cash remade Italy into their own images — something bigger, ideas stood tall.

Because in the end that's all we have. Creativity can be commercialized, sexuality between men and women can be behind the ATM machine, but ideas about how people should treat each other, love each other and create connections to their spirit should never pass from the earth.

So it doesn't matter how many rich men and women got my senators hand in their jars. It doesnt even matter of the justice system doesnt give any sort of justice towards people. It doesnt even matter — because in the end — they can have their gigs. They can have their political connections. I will just do what i got to do to live.

Because i was born in the streets, and the streets have figured this game out. You dont play that game. But you dont play that street game either.

You find the niche that makes the world see you for what you can do. The phrase of “Giving Yourself what you want/Giving other people what they want” is horseshit. The world hasnt gave a fuck what you want. The world has made sure you die a horrible death. Nature doesn't care if you live or die — it will do what it has always have done.

All you got to do is just live. Fuck the Rich and their money. If they give fine, if not, fast forward. You just live — even if its 3 seconds or 120 years. Just live. When that happens the western world changes for the first time in its existence.

The Rich Keeps winning. But it doesn't fucking matter. Be like the Japanese Developer after Phil Fish cursed his fucking existence. Say Thank you and move on. Because fighting a losing war is bullshit. They dont win if you dont play.

Just live.

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