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With our last years “Best of Cartoon People Comics” doing great, we thought it was only fitting 2018 had its own selection of comics as well!

It’s been over 2 years of fun, gags, jokes and awesome drawings for Cartoon People Comics, and this year has definitely taken things to the next level. With new artists and a whole new crowd of followers, Cartoon People Comics has never been this much “happening”.

  1. No no no!
By: Mahatab Rasheed

New artists and comic series’s like MahaKabbo by Mahatab, Shahnama by Shah Stuff, Tamim Anju and Tuba Tanjum have diversified the roster of comics Cartoon People had to offer and brought in a bunch of new audience as well. Cartoon People Comics posts new comic strips everyday 11:00 P. M. on instagram.

2. A moment of silence for those who had biriyani at Banijyo Mela.

By: Morshed Mishu

3. One day at T.S.C.

By: Rio Shuvo

4. Ar kisui na!

By: Debatrita Peu

Other than the new comic artists found this year, the improvement in our old ones were very noticeable. The stories got better, the jokes were funnier and the art works were very pretty!

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5–7. Shingara V. Puri

By: Salman Sakib Shahryar

8. haha Lol Jk.

By: Oishik Jawad

9. Right now, there is only one place to go…

By: Chandrika Irabotee

10. The internet makes everything better.

By: Tuba Tanjum

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11. I’d go to school as well if it were this fun.

By: Marzuk Rifat

12. Life hacks 101.

By: MahaKabbo

13. Foundation+ Blender= Shoundorjo

By: Eeha Nawar

14. Dheeet!

By: Tamim Anju

This year Cartoon People Comics had a huge boost in viewers! It just goes to show how much everyone loves our comic artists and their comics. We artists live off of the love and compliments our viewers. You guys are the best!

15. Ma! Plis!

By: Oishik Jawad

16. You need to do that?

By: Junaid Iqbal Ishmam

17. Truth spittin’ mountains!

By: Mahatab Rasheed

18. Intellectual mode on! B|

By: Morshed Mishu

19. Same :3

By: Fida Al Mugni

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20. where dem Varsity bhai brothers at?!

By: Oishik Jawad

21. *Charge hoise ki na checking intensifies*

By: Debatrita Peu

22. every time!

by: Tamim Anju

23. All da time!

By: Tuba Tanjum

Cartoon People is looking for new comic artists! If you think you have the skills to draw comics and make people laugh or just crack the extremely lames jokes with stick figures, make sure to inbox us them in our instagram page so that they can be posted.

To have a better view of the comic follow us on:

24 Straight to the real deal.

By: Eeha Nawar

25. All the freedom of choice, if you listen to me.

By: Debatrita Peu

26. Mess up Boimela interview in 3..2..1…

By: Chandrika Nuranee Iraboti

27. WOW @_@

By: RioKiddo

28. The truth has been spoken!

By: Shah Stuff

29. *Unnoyon Intensifies*

By: Morshed Mishu

30. Kyaaaaaaan! (*>ω<*)

By: Tiborai-er Cartoon

This year has been a big year for CPC. But it has only scratched the surface of what we are planning to do. CPC plans to make 2019 even bigger with even more artists, more comics and a whole lot of fun. But CPC is most proud to announce that, by the end of this year, CPC shall officially turn into a full grown comic book publishing house!

keep an eye out on our Instagram and Facebook page for further details. Because, if you like our comics strips, our comic artists and just comics in general, trust us you don’t want to miss this!

So that’s it for 2018. Hope you will stick around with us for 2019!
Sorry if we missed any of your favorite comics. Do let us know which one is your fave in the comments.

Article by: Oishik Jawad

Cartoonists who supported all the way to make this happen:

@Morshed Morshed Mishu ,Rio Shuvo, oishik jawad, Debadrita Peu, Chandrika Irabotee, Eeha Nawar, Marzuk Rifat, Junaid Iqbal Ishmam, Tamim Anju, Tuba Tanjum, Salman Sakib Shahryar, Mahatab Rasheed, Fida al Mugni and many more.

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We, Cartoon People, are a group of cartoonists and visual story tellers from Bangladesh. We aim to create cartoons, comics and animations based on local context

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