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Can you draw? Are you an aspiring cartoonist? Do you need some guidelines? Or do you simply want to join Cartoon People? This blog will give you all the answers.

Based in Bangladesh, Cartoon People is a group for cartoonists and visual storytellers.

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Our core aim is to create local comics, cartoon and animation. With regular communication and knowledge sharing among our members, we are working towards creating a creative community through which we hope our stories will be told all over the world. Our group is gaining more members everyday. From amateur artists to professionals, we welcome everyone.

What activities are offered by Cartoon People and how will these activities develop my artistic skills?

Currently, Cartoon People has some daily, weekly and monthly activities which will help you to develop your artistic skills. These are completely free and also open for all. These activities are designed in such a way that even if you are a beginner
 it will help you to become a full-fledged professional artist in no time!
 (Actually it takes a while to become a good artist but you will definitely see improvements ).

How can you join Cartoon People
  1. Sketchbook Saturday: This is our weekly activity. Every Saturday at 4 p.m., cartoonist, non cartoonist, comics lovers (yes, everyone who loves to draw, read and tell stories) meet up in Dhaka, Chittagong and Khulna and practice live gesture drawing.

Though the primary aim for this event is to draw together, a fair amount of networking with like-minded people and art adda happen simultaneously. 
 Live gesture drawing : To observe and instantly draw people’s gestures/ movement from our surrounding.
 If you want to develop yourself as an artist, it is very important to observe and learn from your surroundings. That’s why Sketchbook Saturday is a gateway for Cartoon People and also to your practice to become a better artist.
 This will definitely improve your drawing skill a lot.

To know more about Sketchbook Saturday:


2. YouTube and Cartoon Show Dhaka- 
Considering it may not possible for everyone to attend “Sketchbook Saturday” every week due to exams, class or jobs, Cartoon People has launched its very own YouTube channel “Cartoon People” and show called Cartoon Show Dhaka.”. Subscribe to Cartoon People on Youtube so that you can watch and learn from these Bangla tutorials on cartoon drawing techniques.

Where Sketchbook Saturday aims to help you to develop your overall drawing

Cartoon People on youtube.

process, Cartoon People’s Youtube videos will help you to develop your drawing and idea related technical skills. 
 And if you are an expert in video editing and want to be a part of us, send your video editing samples to .You might get a chance to work with Cartoon Show Dhaka’s next season.

2. Deshi Character Design Challenge (DCDC)
DCDC is a monthly competition from Cartoon People. In the first week of every month
 A character design challenge is announced from Cartoon People’s Facebook group and page. (Announced in the cover photos) As this is ‘the’ competition from cartoon people and all members and participants follow it, it is a great opportunity for new artists to submit their artwork and showcase their talent. Not only do you get to enrich your artist portfolio, you gain serious respect if you win one of these challenges!

Deshi Character Design Challenge

Character design means creating a character from scratch for a comic or animation with a pen and paper. You design everything from get up, dress, to looks, size and expression. DCDC aims at creating new character concepts for local comics and animation. 
 To know more about DCDC
At the end of each month the winners are announced and the winning entries get published in Dhaka Tribune- an English daily.. To know about our upcoming DCDC, follow our facebook group. Want to know about the previous challenge? Click

4. Cartoon People Comics (CPC) 
This is a daily activity from Cartoon People. Every day, Cartoon People’s Instagram account gets a lot of comic strips from many comic artists. Our dedicated comic ninjas select the best comic strip of the day and publish it at 11 pm every night at

So, if you have a lot of ideas in your head, come release them to our Instagram

account. The Cartoon People Comics team will help you to develop your ideas and drawings. If your comic strips are featured 4 times from our Instagram page… guess what? You will be officially selected for our Cartoon People Comics. We will add you in our Facebook’s CPC group chat. Unlike our main cartoon people group this chat is much smaller and restricted to only a selected bunch of talented comic creators. Once you are a part of it, you’ll find a personal space to discuss and develop your comics with them.

To see our best of Cartoon People Comic 2017

You can read CPC every Friday on the Daily Star’s “Youth”.

5. Super-Hero Caricature
This is an event-based popular activity from Cartoon People. We set up caricature booths at different events, exhibition and COMIC CONS. Here our expert caricature artists draw people in their favorite superhero costume. Those who are new to caricature, get the opportunity to learn and practice on the spot.
 If you love caricature and want to participate or learn at our Superhero Caricature sessions , drop us a message in our Facebook page. To see every year’s superhero caricature events photo, please go to our page’s album.

Live Caricature sessions at Comicon.

Cartoon People believes in a strong future of comics and animation industry in Bangladesh. We are here to help you to bring out the artist in you. Because together we can make our dream come true.
 Welcome to Cartoon People family!

Article by: Cartoon People’s very own Julkernain Mehdi. 
Mehdi believes in the quote,“Think different, Be different, Let’s do something different” and tries to combine the techniques of cartoon drawing and content development.