Good News For eCommerce:

Comprehensive Abandoned Cart Conversion Tools

A whopping 71% of customers abandon eCommerce shopping carts, but have no fear, abandoned cart conversion tools are here. A carefully chosen comprehensive plugin will recapture walk-outs and recover lost revenue. Carts Guru is a four-tiered retargeting plan that uses personalized email, personalized texts, text callback and automated calls to engage customers that have wandered off.

Carts Guru: rare among abandoned cart conversion tools

Most abandoned cart conversion tools offer a generic email form letter that automatically goes out to cart abandoners. These vague, general messages rely heavily on discounts or promo codes to bring back customers, which conditions them to wait for discounts before returning, and creates a vicious cycle. Research shows that “batch and blast” letters also frustrate consumers, but targeted, personalized communication catches their attention.

Personalization requires the understanding that one size does not fit all. This applies to both the content and the method of recovering customers, and abandoned cart conversion tools should address both. Carts Guru presents cart abandoners with the personalized attention they want, by creating relevant campaigns targeted by rules that you choose based on your shoppers’ behavior. This quick and easy plugin, available for eCommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and Prestashop, uses a variety of communication forums so you can appeal to the broad spectrum of abandoners.

A multichannel approach

Each of the four categories in Carts Guru can be used alone or in concert, and each is made with a specific purpose in mind.

  • The personalized email category comes with templates for your ease of use, while allowing customized content based on each customer’s interests and cart content. The email includes a link to the shopper’s unique shopping cart, complete with photos of the cart’s cargo, to encourage one-step conversion. The Carts Guru plugin tracks email performance and customer response with analytics for modifying future efforts.
  • Carts Guru’s personalized text feature is similar to the email option, but in an SMS form that can reach many more customers. It is said that 99% of text messages are opened and read within three minutes, and this immediacy brings high conversion rates. A text based on your criteria can be sent within minutes of cart abandonment, with a personalized reminder or special offer.
  • SMS callback recognizes shoppers who run into problems while ordering and give up. The immediate call to action gives consumers the option to “press 1” for a customer service agent to call them back promptly. This text message connects with shoppers who need real time assistance and alleviates customer concern about being put on hold indefinitely. The plugin sends alternative personalized texts to those who opt out of callback.
  • The automated callback takes the SMS callback one step further, providing a personal phone call to create a connection with shopping cart abandoners. Carts Guru recommends using this feature for shoppers who leave high value carts behind or depart during the payment part of the process. Abandoners are engaged in real time and given individual attention to encourage revenue recovery.

Carts Guru is one of the most comprehensive abandoned cart conversion tools available, specializing in the personalization of both content and method. The four tier approach turns abandoned carts into returning sales, tracking performance to analyze and optimize efforts. Carts Guru’s success-based pricing follows the model of convert first, then pay, making it a cost effective tool for ROI. That’s what you call a win-win-win-win scenario.

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