I would say just switch to dumb (non-tracking) ads for everyone, but I know how this would play out: “it’s too extreme, we can’t afford it!” But here’s the thing, if you think this adtech spaghetti business is going to collapse, you’ll have to start switching traffic over to something else eventually. Why not start out with current and future subscribers (aka “users”) who’ve already indicated they prefer not to be tracked by the adtech industry? Just do what we’ve been asking for in the first place.
How to escape the advertising bubble
Dan Phiffer

Agreed, poorly-customized ads are not the way of the future. The trick to make non-tracking yet personalized experience work via ads is to reimagine what the ad can actually be. Instead of being just a push for products, it can be thought of as a reimagined recommendation engine, and not just text based but rather image based.