4 tips to sell your car after demonetisation

In India on 8th November 2016 the government of India announced demonetisation. Demonetisation has hit every one hard and each and every industry and people of the country has faced issues. The automobile industry also got a good hit. The sales of new cars dropped tremendously right from November to January and the selling used car business is worst.

Listed below are 4 tips

· You should keep away cash transactions

· Trust is the key

· Look beyond money

· Complete all paper work

Keeping cash transactions away

The used car market is comparatively much disorganised than the market for new cars. The used car dealers usually prefer the payment mode as cash or cheque but since demonetisation has caused a lot of problems for the flow of cash and the government of India wants that money should become digitalized like using of paytm and such mediums. Thus try and avoid the cash transactions and discuss openly with the dealer about the problems you are facing.

Trusting is important

If you are the seller of the car then sell it to a trust worthy person or someone whom you have known for a long period of time. If the buyer is new then try studying his actions and figure out whether he will be trust worthy. If you are the buyer it is always suggested to buy cars from dealers who are in the market for a long period of time and people trust the dealer for used car buying. Often dealers sell off cheap quality products at a high price, thus not to fall in trap of such dealers make sure to buy from authorised well known used car dealers.

Looking beyond the money

This is a very important tip for the sellers. As a seller you should not only look at the amount you are receiving finally but it is important to see to whom you are selling off your vehicle to. There are many buyers who are involved in illegal work and they can buy your car and do many wrong doings with it. They might offer a high price for the vehicle but you should not sell it to them. Sell it to someone who is willing a lesser pay but is safe and not involved in illegal activities. By chance if you have sold it to someone who is not safe then immediately demand for transfer of the ownership within a few days of the purchase.

Completing all the necessary paperwork

The seller must complete all the paperwork before he is finalizing the deal with the buyer. The seller should keep a record of all the documents and also the identity proof of the buyer as this might be later required if the new owner of the car is involved in one illegal activity. The seller should make each and every document and check that the buyer has signed all the pages and see that the ownership of the vehicle is transferred immediately.