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Important Tips for Upcoming Grooms and What to Expect:

You will be challenged. Challenged by metal which is about an inch long for about 1 to 2 hours. Yes, Bobby pins. Get ready to sit down with your wife and pull her hair to get out bobby pins. It’s true. It’s true.

Not everything will go EXACTLY as planned. I married an event planner, Liz King, and not everything went exactly as planned but we made the most of it and went on with our night.

The day before the wedding is the biggest LOL you will ever have. I thought my day would be easy and smooth. HA! This will probably be the busiest day of your life and also the most emotional.

Hire a day of wedding planner. At first I was ehhh. It was worth every cent. Its just someone to point you in the correct direction each day. I recommend Daniela Grafman.

Have a call with your vendors a week before to finalize everything. Double cross and dot your T’s and I’s. It will make your life easier.

Double check your tux. When I say double check I mean put it on when you pick it up. Mine did not fit, the shirt was wrong. Put it on and walk around and make sure you feel comfortable in it.

Bring a change of clothes to the venue. This might be the biggest regret I have. I hate being in a monkey suit. Having a change of clothes on me would have been more clutch than Derek Jeter in the 9th.

“Gifts” have ZERO bearing. Every person we had at our wedding meant something to us and I would not trade that for the world.

Enjoy your honeymoon. Go somewhere different. Explore. My Wifey and I got see San Francisco and see how beautiful it was. It builds the excitement of just being with each other and seeing new places.

Got anymore tips? Comment below!

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