The Facebook Algorithm and How to Grow With It

Nobody understands the Facebook Algorithm. The algorithm is growing and changing everyday. I don’t even think the data scientists and Zuck himself understand this growing code. Everyone jokes that Facebook is the next Skynet. It is, but for the good. Facebook is still growing and helping connect people. Just recently I connected with someone from over 15 years ago. Maybe connecting with someone is not fully part of the algorithm but it does learn what you do and how you use it.

But how do you deploy against something that is always changing? You learn it. You assimilate with it.

Sit on Facebook for a few hours under “Most Recent” and refresh your feed. You will see what content shows up from your friends, even people that you do not talk to anymore, and what content you will see. Facebook knows who you talk to online. They want you to see what you want to see.

The Facebook algorithm does have special pieces built into regarding dating, engagement, marriage, death. Facebook WILL show you those things. Actually, Facebook will show everyone.

The Facebook algorithm is a game changer. Learn it, grow with it and this can, and will, change how you do social.

I have estimated a version of their formula based on my experience that works for my clients and how it works, but only a serious data scientist could figure out the mysterious Facebook algorithm.

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