Lemonade Stand: The Secret to Success

By Karina Lafayette

In the Suburbs, many kids spend their summers making lemonade. One child, age ten, was already told by their mother they made the best lemonade in the world.

Of course, she only said this to be a good parent, but the child was foolish enough to believe her. Since many of the kids got tired of making lemonade, the child used this as a chance to contact their local newspaper, to get everyone to notice.

After the first time contacting the newspaper, there was no answer. The second time, the following email was sent:

“Thank you for contacting

The Suburban. If we consider

your story idea for an article,

we will contact you. If you

don’t hear from us in seven

days, your story won’t be up

for consideration.”

After one week the child didn’t receive any follow up, and decided to send them a message everyday after school.

One morning the editor-in-chief of the newspaper opened her inbox to find dozens of copies of the same email for the very same story. She shook her head, baffled, especially since she read the story before. After reading it again, she decided to reply:

“Thank you for contacting

The Suburban. After careful

consideration we’ve decided

to do an interview for your

lemonade stand. Please reply

with your schedule and parents


The child wrote back:

“I will be happy to, as long

as you promise to have my

picture in the newspaper ☺”

The child was proud to do the story. Even while knowing that it wasn’t the best lemonade in town, it wasn’t being the best that mattered. Making that lemonade is what mattered.

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