A Moonless Night

Over the silence, gravel crunched beneath our feet

As we made our way through the tall grass.

I heard the field gossiping of our arrival — the news

Stretched farther than my sun-starved eyes could see.

We laid our blankets down, like islands in a sea of grass,

And there reclined,

And there the motherly arm of the galaxy

Reached down and plucked me away.

In the moonless night, the sky above

Spiraled downwards, furious and lazily dancing.

We had never met before, but I knew her.

The stars did not care for me in the way I cared for them.

They stretched out and blinked,

and they reminded me of a butterfly who never meant to be beautiful.

As I felt their embrace tighten, I demanded of them:


And with a terrible wisdom they replied

With silence.