Love Story #07

The view from my window is greening up with the runoff and the spring rains. I can see the mountainside where the elk and deer wandered during the winter. They are higher up now. I can see across to the school. I hear the daily bells that signal starts and stops and changing classes. The hummingbirds have just started to arrive; a few brave souls on their way further north, harbingers of the coming feeding season. I watch their almost invisible wings as they hover near the feeder. I see all the bits of flowers and grass poking through the tiny bit of remaining snow where the sun barely hits during the day. I can see the neighbor’s cat skulking around the corner of the garage from the alley, just waiting to pick a fight with my dominant cat.

In a few more weeks it will be comfortable to sit outside as the sun comes up over the mountain earlier each day. It’s too cold yet today, unless I decided to bring a sleeping bag outside or totally dress for cold temperatures. However, I will remain inside for this early morning so that I do not have to change out of my nightshirt just yet and my tea does not get cold too quickly. There is an entire summer of warmer mornings coming to indulge in that pleasure. There is an entire summer to watch the world flow past my house as neighbors wave or stop to chat and the flowers grow taller, the poppies come out, and the hyacinth blooms. Today I am a voyeur, watching through my window but soon I will participate in the daily morning routines and patterns that surround me. Today I am loving staying warm inside until I have to leave for work.